Focused on light, light therapy is a discipline with many benefits for skin care. However, how does it work and for what disorders can it be used?

A light therapy device to fight against skin imperfections

Light therapy is a branch of alternative medicine whose benefits are now widely known. It consists concretely in treating certain disorders from light. As you can see on the site Lightinderm, light therapy specialists today use devices to specifically treat skin disorders. Concretely, the role of this device is to target blackheads and pimples, then treat them. With this type of anti-imperfection tool, you will find smoother skin, even if you suffer from hormonal acne.

The main advantage of the light therapy device lies in the fact that it is suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive. In general, it emits two types of waves: blue light of 440 nm, and red light of 630 nm. Together, the two lights act on the layers of the skin to limit the appearance of new imperfections, and slow down the production of sebum. Thanks to the lights of light therapy devices, you reduce irritation and discomfort due to skin disorders.

The other strong point of the light therapy device is to produce rapid effects, especially after a few weeks of use. In principle, 7 days after starting to use the tool, microcysts, blackheads and pimples become less noticeable. As for your skin, it gains radiance.

To get yourself a light therapy device, you just need to contact the professionals in the field. Several platforms now provide you with tools for light therapy. However, be careful when making your choice, because there are many counterfeit or inefficient devices on the market. So take the time to educate yourself.

Light therapy for skin pores

The pores of the skin play a key role in beauty and charm in general. By evacuating sweat, sebum, or dead cells, they allow your skin, and more particularly your face, to be cleaner. Unfortunately, they can become clogged, thus favoring the appearance of several other disorders such as blackheads and pimples.

To avoid the multiple consequences of Pores, light therapy has proven to be a particularly effective solution. Indeed, thanks to the different types of light used in the field, your pores will be less apparent on your face, and you will consequently be able to find clearer and more hydrated skin.

It is true that there are various tips to overcome the problems related to the pores of the skin. However, light therapy stands out as the most effective to date. This solution allows you to have results in just a few weeks. With light therapy, you do not need to invest a small fortune in the acquisition of cosmetic products whose effectiveness is not proven. This solution also exempts you endless care rituals that take you hours in a day.

If you notice any issues with your skin pores, simply schedule an appointment with a light therapy specialist. With the accompaniment of the latter, you will be rid of the various imperfections of your face in a few days.

Lifting and firming action with light therapy

Light therapy does more than relieve your various skin disorders. It is also used to restore more tone and clarity to your skin. Indeed, as in all fields, light therapy is made up of several branches. If wrinkles are starting to show or your skin is becoming increasingly relaxed, you may benefit from a lift program. Offered only by a few light therapy specialists, this service allows you to have healthier skin. Concretely, the lift program produces 3 actions on the body:

  • a lifting effect,
  • a redensifying effect,
  • firm action.

Generally, as part of this treatment, light therapy professional uses a particular method. It is a light therapy device offering a tissue massage using a capsule. While the benefits of alternative medicine are often controversial, the effects of the lift program are clinically proven. It is also very effective on neck wrinkles.

If you have sagging skin and want to firm it up, light therapy is an interesting option for you. Thanks to the lifting and firming action, your features are smoothed, with a significant reduction in the nasolabial fold. It also helps to increase your skin elasticity.

How does light therapy for skin care work?

The simplicity of how light therapy works is one of the many reasons it is so popular. Concretely, it consists of sending light waves to your skin in order to stimulate the triggering of intracellular reactions. Generally, the reaction of the skin depends on the color of the light. As the wavelength of the light increases, growth in the level of penetration into the skin will be noticed. Light therapy is primarily used on the face, as this is the site of skin damage. However, it can also be effective on the chest, neck, and other parts of the body.

red light

It specifically targets the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin. Its role is to contribute to reduction of wrinkles. Indeed, after having absorbed the red light, the epidermis proceeds to the stimulation of collagen proteins, then offering your skin the possibility of being smoother. In addition to reducing fine lines, red light helps reduce inflammation, giving your skin a beautiful glow.

blue light

By focusing under your hair follicles, the blue light is used to reduce scars as well as acne. It eliminates bacteria, which allows it to purify the skin, and to regulate hyperseborrhoea. The other advantage of this light lies in the fact that it promotes the rebalancing of oily skin and combination skin.

green light

As part of a light therapy treatment, it may happen that the specialist has recourse to green light. Rarer than red light and blue light, its purpose is to help improve the radiance of the complexion. It is also responsible for lightening pigment spots, but above all produces an anti-aging effect. Today there are light therapy devices that incorporate this LED light.

yellow light

The yellow LED is also very popular in the context of light-based care. Its main function is to soothe and calm redness. It also supports the improvement of blood and lymphatic microcirculation. In addition, yellow light has an anti-edema and draining effect.

Can anyone use light therapy?

Light therapy is accessible to everyone, without real distinctions. Both men and women can use it. It is also effective on all skin types. However, it is contraindicated in certain specific cases. For example, when you take certain medications such as antidepressants and sedatives, it is essential to seek the advice of a doctor before using a light therapy device or lamp. The same is true for people with diabetes. If you have vision problems, cataracts or glaucoma, avoid using light therapy.

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