Even if you’re not the basket case type and you hold your finances with an iron fist, the fact remains that the end of the month can be difficult to make ends meet: groceries, bills, rent, mortgage and you are dry. And that’s without counting on unforeseen expenses or the need to buy a new pair of sneakers for your children every 6 months! In this case, looking for tips to save on your purchases can be essential if you want to put some money aside in case of a hard blow. You may not know it, but there are many ways to get there, such as shopping on private sales sites or consulting promo code sites like BravoPromo! Here are a few more tips that might help you save even more.

1- Buy gift cards

Think about your purchases differently. Many are those who receive a Christmas gift card which they hasten to get rid of on sites like Place des Cartes. You can therefore buy a gift card at a low price and thus make your purchases on the site of the brand that interests you without spending a penny! By using gift cards for your decoration, fashion or food purchases, you can save €1200/year on average, rather interesting savings, right? you can find gift cards from major marketplaces such as aliexpress promo codess or amazon These gift cards can be used both on the internet and in physical stores. The closer the expiration date approaches, the cheaper the gift card is, a real bargain!

2- Take advantage of loyalty programs

Another good way to save money and sign up for the loyalty program. Signing up costs you nothing, but it does get you exclusive discounts, free shipping, and access to private sales. If you are a student, do not miss a good opportunity to save money by taking advantage of the programs reserved for you: you often just have to register on sites like Unidays or StudentBeans to benefit from exceptional promotions.

3- Buy refurbished or used

There are many apps today that allow you to sell clothes you no longer wear or buy second-hand. Some sites like NA-KD offer you a tab dedicated to second hand, enough to make real savings. For high-tech products, on the other hand, you can opt for refurbished products. These items are cleaned and refurbished, enough to enjoy a quality product but up to 40% cheaper! Beyond the purely economic interest, you are making an eco-responsible purchase!

4- Compare prices

To make the most of savings, remember to compare prices. Do you need to change car tires, buy plane tickets or a new microwave? Think beforehand of using a comparator to buy at the best price. For example, use a site like the Price Finder. This site allows you to compare prices and find promotions in real time. The smartphone app allows you to check in-store prices by scanning the product.

5- Opt for rental

Rather than buying, consider renting! This is now possible for many products. For example, you can rent your appliances, it’s a great way to try a product and pay less! In addition, there are now many neighborhood help sites where you can rent a lawnmower or a drill without having to buy a new product for an item that you will use twice a year. .

By putting these few ideas into practice, you will have the opportunity to make real savings and quickly. Try !

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