Are you looking to lose weight? Do you struggle with cravings and late-night snacking? If your answer to both questions is yes, then this article is for you! We’ve found that including lean protein in your dinner can be a great way to help you stay on track to achieve your weight loss goals.

Not only will these 6 lean proteins give you post-dinner satiety, but they can also speed up metabolism and increase fat burning – all while being delicious! Read on to learn how incorporating these protein sources into your meal plan can help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

Why is it recommended to eat lean protein in the evening?

Eating lean protein in the evening can have many health benefits due to how it is broken down and used by the body. Proteins take longer to digest and absorb than carbohydrates and fats, maintaining a steady release of amino acids into the bloodstream for several hours overnight. This slow release keeps metabolic processes going, even during sleep, and provides the energy needed for normal cell function and muscle recovery.

The suggested benefits of eating lean protein in the evening have been backed up by research.

A study published in 2018 suggests that consuming a protein source before bed can help increase basal metabolic rate (BMR). BMR is the amount of energy produced by the body at rest and is an important factor in supporting healthy weight management. Increasing BMR could lead to increased fat burning throughout the night, as well as increased fat oxidation during exercise.

Specifically, the study found that consuming 0.4g/kg of high-quality protein before bed led to higher concentrations of amino acids during sleep, suggesting greater nocturnal anabolic activity compared to lower protein meals eaten earlier in the day. Additionally, another study found that people who ate 30g of casein protein before bed lost more fat than those who ate no protein before bed.

The slower release of amino acids from protein also helps prevent cravings during sleep or early morning awakenings, which could lead to bulimia or other unhealthy habits. Protein-rich foods contain high amounts of essential vitamins like B6, which can help improve melatonin levels for better quality sleep. By eating lean protein in the evening, you feel full longer due to slow digestion. So you are less likely to snack on unhealthy processed foods between meals.

Here are 6 lean proteins to prioritize in your dinners.

  1. Skinless chicken breast:

Chicken breast is one of the most popular types of lean protein and contains less than 4g of fat per serving. It’s also low in cholesterol, making it a great option for anyone looking to reduce their risk of heart disease or other health issues related to high cholesterol. To get the most out of every serving, choose skinless chicken breasts and avoid breading or frying them. Instead, try baking, grilling, or poaching them for a delicious, nutritious meal that will fill you up without adding extra fat calories.

  1. Fish :

Fish like salmon, tuna, haddock and tilapia are wonderful sources of lean protein with very few calories. The omega-3 fatty acids found in some varieties also provide several other health benefits. Studies have suggested that these fatty acids can help reduce inflammation in the body and may even protect against certain types of cancer. To keep calories low while still enjoying a tasty fish meal at night, bake or broil your fish instead of frying it.

  1. Shrimp :

At only 84 calories per 100g, shrimp is another great lean protein option for losing weight without feeling deprived. They are also rich in selenium, which helps metabolism function properly and improves thyroid function, which may play a role in maintaining a healthy weight. Shrimp are best cooked using methods such as steaming, boiling, or grilling. This way, you ensure you get the maximum health benefits without overloading on unhealthy fats or calories!

  1. Eggs:

Eggs are one of the most affordable sources of high-quality protein – just one large egg contains 6g! Although they are higher in cholesterol than many other forms of lean protein (about 185 milligrams), eggs also contain omega-3 fatty acids as well as vitamins A and D that help balance those numbers when they are are consumed regularly (no more than twice a week). Scramble eggs with veggies for a filling meal that won’t add too many extra calories to your daily total!

  1. Tofu :

Tofu is made from condensed soy milk and provides around 8g of protein per 75g serving, as well as many vitamins and minerals such as calcium and iron (which helps carry oxygen through your system) . This versatile ingredient can replace meat dishes by cutting it into cubes before cooking. Use low sodium sauces or seasonings if desired, but remember that tofu itself is low in sodium and there is no need to add too much salt!

  1. Greek yogurt:

Greek yogurt has twice the protein of regular yogurt, making it an ideal choice for a light post-workout or evening snack or dinner when you don’t want anything heavy, but still want something. something substantial enough to calm cravings! Greek yogurt is also packed with probiotics that can aid digestion by maintaining healthy bacteria levels in the gut wall. Be sure to choose plain Greek yogurt to avoid the added sugars of flavored varieties!

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