At the age of 100, the unknown has seen it all: two world wars and many societal changes, but her essence remains a timeless bloom. Despite her advanced age and the years spent in the sun, she retains an unalterable beauty that is remarkable to discover. She’s not ready to let wrinkles interfere with her zest for life; that’s why this centenarian proudly shares her daily beauty routine, carefully crafted through trial and error over time, from effective home remedies to skincare products suitable for mature skin. Read on if you’re curious to find out what elements contribute to the success of this woman’s anti-aging approach!

This video on TikTok has garnered 3 million views.

The fitness influencer Julia Ritz made a huge impression on TikTok with her now-viral video posted last October where she gave the floor to her grandmother. Her 100-year-old grandmother’s secret to looking so young and beautiful is a simple, inexpensive skincare routine made with just two ingredients that she reveals step-by-step. It’s no surprise that the video has been viewed over 3 million times, leading many to believe that her beauty secrets are worth listening to. What is most interesting to netizens is not only the fact that the advice provided by Julia and her grandmother is practical, but also that it is easily accessible to anyone who wants advice on the skin from a centenary.

A single-ingredient mask + a natural toner + a gentle massage = an anti-aging trio for pennies.

Julia Ritz shows in the video the application of her grandmother’s beauty ritual step by step: First, she starts by washing her face. Once her skin is clean, she sprays rose water and lets it dry naturally.

Then she applies the honey as a nourishing mask. A simple but effective product that is packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. She applies it in a thin layer on her face before beginning to massage her skin from bottom to top.

Using gentle pressure and patting motions, Julia massages her face until all areas are covered. This improves blood circulation and reduces wrinkles thanks to better skin elasticity, according to her grandmother. While the mask is in place, she must let it rest for half an hour (or 20 min max if you are in a hurry).

Finally, she finishes this beauty ritual by applying a moisturizer that helps lock in moisture and provide an extra layer of protection against environmental damage.

Thanks to her simple but effective beauty ritual, Julia has radiant and softer skin than ever! Like her grandmother!

Rose water, 100% honey mask and massage: what will we get?

These ingredients all have several benefits for your skin. Rose water is a natural cleanser that helps reduce swelling and redness of the skin, while having anti-inflammatory properties. It can help soothe irritation, balance your skin’s pH, prevent wrinkles and dark spots, and even reduce acne breakouts.

Honey is known for its antibacterial properties that help fight blemishes, while also being loaded with antioxidants that help protect skin from environmental stressors like pollution or sun damage. Honey can also help soften and naturally moisturize the skin without clogging pores or making it oily.

Finally, massaging your face is an effective way to stimulate circulation to the skin, making it look healthier and brighter. Massages are also known to reduce puffiness around the eyes, while providing a feeling of relaxation thanks to their anti-stress effects. All of these treatments combined can be an effective way to keep skin healthy and refreshed! Your turn now !!

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