In the field of fashion, linen is a trendy material that women can wear all year round. Because this material offers a cooling effect in summer and a warm feeling in winter. Linen is natural and eco-responsible. This guide offers you some essential reasons for a woman to opt for linen t-shirts.

Linen T-shirt: ecological, local and solid

In the whole world, France is the leading flax producing country. THE women’s linen t-shirt is recognized for its strength and resistance. Indeed, growing flax does not require irrigation, fertilizers and pesticides. This represents a real asset for the environment.

Also, linen is a fiber that does not twist over time. The women’s linen t-shirt will become more flexible after washing because of the pectin present in the material, which gradually dissolves on contact with water.

Lemahieu: renowned manufacturer of linen t-shirts for women

The Lemahieu collection offers comfortable clothes that are made with the aim of accompanying women as long as possible. With a local and traceable manufacturing system, Lemahieu supports companies, brands, distributors and professionals so that they can effectively develop their responsible and local collections.

Thanks to its storage space of 6,000 m2 divided into 3 warehouses, Lemahieu has the possibility of storing all the articles of different sizes and various colors. Every day about 3000 pieces are shipped.

In summary, linen is a material that offers many advantages when used in the manufacture of women’s t-shirts. It is antibacterial, thermoregulatory and hypoallergenic. Linen is also a material that does not retain odors from perspiration. It is therefore ideal for the skin.

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