Having a garden is a real joy for children, it is a place where they can play, explore and learn in complete safety. For the garden to be adapted to their needs, certain elements must be taken into account during the layout.

Safety is paramount

When setting up a playground it is crucial to consider safety as your top priority so you should take steps to ensure the space is secure and prevent any potential mishaps and install safety gates to prevent children to leave the dedicated space, you can also add protective cushions on the floor to cushion falls.

Make sure to avoid poisonous plants, but that shouldn’t stop you from adding plants and flowers that will delight children, when it comes to games you need to make sure they are age appropriate and that they present no danger.

By adding educational games and fun activities, you can provide children with a safe and fun space to explore and learn, remember that safety is a shared responsibility. and make children aware of safety rules and supervise their activity in the garden.

Think about the organization of space

A garden for children must be well thought out so that children can have fun safely, in addition to providing space for games, it is crucial to provide a relaxation area for children to rest after running and cheek.

To encourage children to be interested in plants, it is possible to install an explanatory panel for each type of plant and to prevent children from trampling the plants, it would be wise to create a gravel path where they can walk without damage plants.

Choose the right plants

Select appropriate plants for a garden intended for children, it is advisable to favor non-toxic plants, which do not present a danger to children, stinging or stinging plants are to be avoided because they can cause injuries.

To provide an enriching sensory experience, aromatic plants are an ideal option, they are non-toxic and can be used for sensory activities, such as smelling different smells or identifying different flavors.

Install appropriate games

Children’s games are important for their physical and social development, so it is crucial to choose appropriate games according to the age of the children and the space available in the garden.

Swings, slides, playhouses and water games are popular and fun options for children, swings are ideal for younger children, while slides and playhouses are more suitable for older children.

Water games are perfect for hot summer days and allow children to have fun while cooling off.

Traditional games, it is also possible to install children’s fitness equipment, such as pull-up bars, gymnastic rings and climbing ropes to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle, picnic tables are a great addition for group activities, while a sandbox gives children the opportunity to develop their creativity and imagination while having fun.

By carefully choosing games and equipment for children, one can create a healthy and stimulating play environment that promotes their physical and social development.

Add fun elements

Add play elements to make the garden more fun for children, swings, slides, zip lines and water games are popular elements for children of all ages, you can also add outdoor games like rope rings or croquet sets for older children.

The play elements stimulate the imagination and encourage physical activity, which is beneficial to the health of children, please be sure to install play elements appropriate for the age of the children and ensure that they comply with the standards security in force.

By taking these few recommendations into account, you can create a suitable and safe garden for children, keep in mind that safety is essential, but that the garden must also be a playful and educational space.

With a little thought and imagination, you can create the perfect outdoor environment for your little ones.

* criptom strives to transmit health knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE, the information given can not replace the opinion of a health professional.