Anacardium Orientale, a homeopathic preparation from the Boiron laboratory that is used to treat atopic dermatitis and dyspepsia. It is a medication of plant origin prepared from the Malacca bean whose shrub is called cashew. This plant naturally occupies the northern part of India, especially in mountainous areas. In its particularity, it is its fruits that shelter the cashew nut. In homeopathic use, it is used in oral solution (drops), ointment, oral powder, tablets and granules. It is a homeopathic medicine not to be confused with Anacardium Occidentalis.

Medical indications of Anacardium Orientale

Traditionally, theOriental Anacardium is used to solve dermatological inflammations, gastralgias, stomach aches and behavioral disorders. This medicine of exacerbated orality solves more the problems of gastroenterological order. He heals the memory problems, temporal headaches, vesicular dermatoses, duodenal and pyloric ulcers. It works for central nervous system depressions, blistering eruptions and irritations of the stomach lining. Also useful for smoking cessationintellectual exhaustion, spastic constipation, digestive burns, indigestion and bulimia.

A medical solution strongly prescribed among intellectuals to relieve physical and intellectual fatigue. It assists undecided people with a loss of initiative and can intervene in the event of memory loss. Recommended for irritable subjects who show irresolution and who tend to often insulting remarks. It can occur in individuals who have a feeling of emptiness relieved while eating. As for its other indications, here are some lists:

  • In dermatology: pruriginous dermatosis (with vesico-pustules), strong itching and dermatosis maintained by scratching.
  • In the headaches : headache of students (after intellectual overwork) and headache in the form of pressure.
  • For the psyche: loss of self-confidence, stage fright, anger, mood deterioration, personality dissociation and aggression.

Recommendation for intake and dosage of the Anacardium Orientale strain

Anacardium Orientale granules and globule doses are compounds based on lactose and sucrose. While ampoules and drinkable drops are hydro-alcoholic solutions. In homeopathy, it can also be used in tablets or oral powder. To fight diseases, the dosages are often between 3 and 15 CH or 14 to 18 DH. For some cases, the dosage can be up to 30 CH:

  • For treat pain in peptic ulcers and in dyspepsia, prefer a medium dilution. Use between 7-9 CH or 14-18 DH at the rate of 3 granules (at the time of pain).
  • Effects of a intellectual overwork (fatigue, headaches and memory problems). In medium dilution, take 9 CH or 18 DH, 5 granules/day.
  • In case of student stage fright or intellectual fatigue 1 dose in 30 CH.
  • Bulimia and behavioral disorders, 9 CH or 18 DH (5 granules).
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