Eating fruits and vegetables rich in fiber could have a preventive effect against allergic asthma by modifying the microbial flora.

People who have a healthy diet, particularly rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains, have fewer asthma symptoms and have better control of the disease, according to a study conducted by Inserm and Inra.

This study reinforces the evidence that a healthy diet limits asthma symptoms and also acts to prevent new attacks.

To reach these conclusions, the researchers analyzed data from more than 34,000 French adults who had answered a detailed questionnaire on breathing in 2017 (NutriNet-Santé).

Among these respondents, 28% of women and 25% of men suffered, according to the researchers, from at least one symptom of asthma.

The researchers found that men who had a healthy diet were 30% less likely to suffer from asthma symptoms, in women this figure was 20%.

Another interesting result of this study is that for men who ate healthy the risk of having asthma symptoms that were difficult to control was 60% lower than the other men surveyed, for women this figure was 27%.

Fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which seems to explain the positive action on asthma symptoms. According to the researchers, other studies, in particular carried out over a long period (eg several years), are however necessary to confirm these results.

In addition, a study showed that taking vitamin D in the form of a dietary supplement in asthmatics, in addition to a standard treatment against asthma, significantly reduced the risk of severe asthma attacks, without causing Side effects.

This research work, which screened 9 clinical studies, was carried out by an asthma specialist, Prof. Adrian Martineau from Queen Mary University in London.

Prevent asthma with a few simple measures

If you have young children, you absolutely must not smoke around them (so do not smoke in the house), it has been proven that cigarette smoke promotes the development of asthma in children, which risk would be multiplied by five

To limit the risk of allergy, preferably use natural rather than chemical cleaning products to clean your house or apartment. To clean your house or apartment, preferably use a vacuum cleaner with, if possible, a small particle filter to remove all dust.

Heartburn and especially gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) could worsen asthma symptoms and damage the lungs. Treating GERD could thus improve asthma, talk to your doctor about it.

Try to lose weight, we know that being overweight can make asthma attacks worse.

Limit respiratory infections and its diseases like pneumonia, bronchitis or cough. These infections can make asthma worse by blocking the airways.

Keep the sheets and duvet covers clean, ventilate them whenever you can (if possible for a while each day) by leaving them out in the open air and in the sun.

If possible, avoid using carpets or curtains that are too large, as they can retain a significant amount of dust and can facilitate the presence of dust mites.

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