The best antidepressant is one that the body makes itself. Recent studies indicate that a concentrated beet extract, betaine can boost the body’s natural production of the hormones of well-being, stimulation and relaxation. In addition to helping the body regain the upper hand during depressive phases, betaine will help the liver to perform its detoxifying function.


Betaine, a support in case of depressionBetaine, a support in case of depression

It is scientific research applied to the physiology of autistic children which looked, ten years ago, at the virtues of betaine. Scientists from the Down autism now research group have published studies showing that betaine, an amino acid naturally present in certain vegetables including beets, was a first-rate anti-depressant. Much better than the tricyclic antidepressants used in the drug management of hyperactivity and attention deficit in autistic children because, just like for regular users, the side effects are catastrophic and limit their use.

Indeed, betaine is a natural precursor of SAMe. The body cannot do without this substance which it secretes itself and which disappears with age or weakens in the event of serious illnesses (cancer, cardiovascular illnesses) or depression. SAMe is directly linked to the production of certain hormones, and in particular norepinephrine, which is a natural stimulant of dopamine, responsible for the feeling of well-being, and finally of serotonin, which is a natural calming agent that improves emotional functions and distance yourself from events. The stabilization of the mood, at the depressive ones, space on the one hand the phases of effrondement and on the other hand, neutralizes the jolts of mood (passages from the laughter to the tears).
Betaine stimulates the natural production of SAMe so that the body can restart itself and raise the level of hormones of well-being and relaxation.

The body’s natural production of SAMe will also help boost the production of glutathione, which plays a central role in the hepatic detoxification process. A recent report commissioned by the US Department of Health analyzed more than 40 studies regarding liver disease. This report concludes that SAMe has a confirmed hepatoprotective effect and that it is recommended as a supplement for alcoholics. Betaine promotes methylation, a normal process that makes new cells, creates antioxidants, and breaks down harmful chemicals.

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