This type of cancer is the most diagnosed in women. We invite you to discover the symptoms which characterize it, but also the types of prevention and treatment of the disease.

What is breast cancer?

This is a disease that follows a disorder in the cells of the chest. The cells that are affected then begin to multiply and eventually form the famous mass called “tumor”. This is a pathology that can be treated more effectively if the disease is detected in time from the first symptoms.

How to diagnose breast cancer?

There are three different ways to make a diagnosis. First of all, the simplest is self-examination. Then, it is possible to establish an annual check-up with your attending physician or with your gynecologist. Finally, one of the most effective methods is mammography. You should know that from the age of 25, a woman should carry out a regular check-up in this area.

How to recognize breast cancer?

A symptom of a disease is defined as an abnormal manifestation caused by this alteration. THE symptoms following do not necessarily confirm that it is a breast cancer. However, if the case turns out to be positive, it is essential to be able to diagnose it as soon as possible. Then, it will be advisable to have a medical opinion on the situation. No unusual sign should be overlooked, let alone a prolonged wait.

The formation of a lump in the breast is the most common sign. It’s about a hard mass, painless and drawing irregular contours. It seems to be fixed firmly in the breast.

It is also possible to feel one or more hard masses at armpit level. This implies that the cancer localized to the breast has also attacked the axillary lymph nodes. In this case, no pain is felt.

Other progressive signs can also form, such as retraction of the skin, at the level of which a rough aspect, redness or edema appear. The areola and nipple may also shrink or change color. Seepage may emanate from these parts. Finally, the breasts can actually change shape.

Other marks may then appear, when these first symptoms were not diagnosed in time. They will be more serious, because the disease has progressed to a higher stage. The tumor has grown and spread to other parts of the body will be possible.

What treatments are available to you?

Before any treatment is performed, it is essential to perform a biopsy. The operation consists of an analysis of a sample of the tumor. This is necessary to recognize the type of cancer and above all to adapt the most effective treatment. In this way, it is also possible to know at what level the disease is located.

There are five major categories of treatment. First of all, it is possible to resort to surgery. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are the two fairly common solutions. Targeted therapy and hormonal cure are the other alternatives to fight against this disease.

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