A recent study found that ponytails can make you look older. Researchers have found that women who wear their hair in a ponytail often look harsher and less attractive than those who have their hair down. This is especially true for women over 50. So, can you still wear a ponytail even at this age? We say yes, but don’t take our word for it! Try these practices and adopt the right ponytail for your face shape.

The ponytail is perfect for a fifties !

Can older women wear a ponytail? Of course they can. The ponytail is both beautiful and practical.

Generally, we do ponytails because they allow us to pull our hair out in inconvenient places. Baking a cake or doing a cardio dance to your favorite tune isn’t the best time to have hair swirling in your face. Not to mention the temperature…if it’s hot…does the hair need to be up and away? Hence the choice of the ponytail.

Women aged 50 and over: 4 ponytail practices to recommend!

Ponytails can put a lot of tension on your hair, which can lead to breakage and split ends. As you age, the keratin present in your scalp begins to diminish. Which causes thin and brittle hair. Hence the importance of respecting these four practices in order to preserve good hair health:

1. Use a silk scarf or headband. Silk is gentle on the hair and does not cause as much friction as other materials.

2. Don’t tie your hair too tight. The tighter the ponytail, the more likely you are to damage your hair. If you can, opt for a loose braid or bun instead.

3. Use leave-in conditioner before you tie your hair. This will hydrate your hair and prevent it from becoming too dry.

4. Avoid using rubber bands or bands with metal parts. They can snag and pull on the hair and damage it unnecessarily.

In general, ponytails can be placed:

  • on each side of the face
  • on the neck
  • on the side of the face
  • halfway up the head
  • high on the head

Which ponytail for which face shape?

Hair is such a creative mode of expression. The styles mentioned above are just the typical ways to use and place ponytails. Square-faced ladies will wear a ponytail with loose tendrils at the side to soften the angular features of their rectangular or square faces.

For example, if you have a round face, avoid doing a high ponytail because it will only accentuate the roundness of your face. Try a low ponytail or a side ponytail instead. If you have an oval face, you can adopt any type of ponytail. On the other hand, if you have a heart-shaped face, avoid styles that pull your hair too tight, as this can make your face look even more pointed. Then a low ponytail or a loose braid is probably your best bet. You can adopt a wider fringe to accompany your ponytail.

On the impractical side, ponytails have become quite spectacular, they are a chosen hairstyle for weddings. From the simple casual affair to the most formal of weddings. The most important day deserves the most important hairstyle.

Keep her in the queue!

However ponytails are used, they can be adorned with so many fashion statements. A veil, beads, jewels, a braided extension or a flipped blonde curl, added to a typical ponytail, can make it look royal.

They have remained in fashion for so long due to their versatility. The ponytail can be dressed up or down. She will always be a pillar of our culture. This is not an Eastern or Western tradition, but simply the tradition of being practical with style.

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