I tried CBD, but it didn’t do anything for me. Why isn’t CBD working for me? Is all this CBD hype just a scam? Sound familiar? If you’ve tried CBD products with no results, you’re not alone. But that doesn’t mean the whole industry is a scam.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant. It’s being researched for its many possible medical benefits, and unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), this active compound doesn’t get you high. People use it to help manage a number of conditions, including: chronic pain inflammation anxiety insomnia seizures.

That said, there are also legitimate reasons why CBD might not work for you. So before you give up and tell your CBD-obsessed friends they’re wrong, check to see if any of the following reasons apply to you.

1. Your CBD product is not from a trusted source.

Where did you buy your CBD oil? As its popularity grows, it seems CBD is popping up everywhere, from online businesses to over-the-counter stores. You may have even tried a free sample to see if it works without investing anything other than shipping. Unfortunately, some of these products do not contain high quality CBD. Some scammers take full advantage of this situation by selling poor quality products that are not accurately labeled. A group of researchers analyzed 84 CBD products and found that only 31% of them contained the advertised amount of CBD. Many CBD users have reported trying several different brands before finding the right one for them, so keep looking if your first try doesn’t yield the results you expect.

2. You have to let it build up in your body for a while

Finding the right CBD dosage can be tricky business. The appropriate amount varies by individual. Each person has a unique biology that causes a different reaction. So how do you know what’s right for you? Start with a low dose and increase it slowly until you find your “sweet spot”. Some people find that taking a daily dose can help maintain a level of CBD in your body, which can stimulate your endocannabinoid system to make it more responsive to cannabinoids like CBD. And many people use a microdosing technique to find their personal dosage and adjust it as needed over time. It may be helpful to use a diary to record your results. Write down the amount you took, how you feel before the dosage and at several time intervals afterwards, and any changes in symptoms you notice. Over time, this information can help paint a picture of how CBD affects you. Also, remember that it is possible to develop a tolerance to CBD, like many other drugs and chemicals. So if you find it doesn’t work as well after a while, try taking a break for a few days to reset your system before starting again with a low dose.

3. You need to spend more time on it

Immediate results are not that common. In fact, many people take CBD for several weeks or even months before seeing a difference. Exploring the effects of CBD isn’t as easy as grabbing a painkiller and stopping there. It actually takes a certain level of commitment to put time and thought into your process of discovering long-term effects. If you still don’t see results after a while (a few months), it might be time to move on and try another brand. Your CBD diary can help you track the time elapsed and see if you’ve noticed any changes. Patience is key, and while it can be frustrating to keep trying with no results, you can end up feeling super grateful that you didn’t give up.

4. You need a different plug system

You can find everything from CBD coffee to bath salts and lubricants. Common forms of CBD are many: tinctures, topical creams, vaping oils, capsules or suppositories, edible treats like gummies and chocolate. So if you’ve tried one delivery system without success, it’s possible that a different form might be more effective for you. One factor to consider is bioavailability, which basically refers to the amount of CBD that actually enters your bloodstream. For example, if you eat CBD gummies, they have to pass through your digestive tract before you can absorb them, and the amount that ends up in your system may be relatively small. On the other hand, if you take a tincture sublingually, that is, under the tongue, you absorb it directly into your bloodstream. So you can get faster and more noticeable results than waiting for your digestive system to process them. Also, the most effective method may vary depending on the type of relief you are looking for. For example, a topical balm will not help you with your panic attacks. But it can offer potential relief, for example for sore muscles, if you focus on that particular area.

5. It’s not for you

CBD may be popular, but that doesn’t mean it’s a miracle drug that works for everyone. After all your hard work, you may find that CBD just isn’t for you. Your level of absorption and response to CBD depends on a variety of factors, including your: metabolism biochemistry genetics Your endocannabinoid system is the system in your body that interacts with the active compounds in cannabis, and each person functions a little differently. After all, there is no universal treatment! The effectiveness of CBD takes time, patience, and research.

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