All weight loss diets lead to similar results in terms of weight loss as long as they are followed scrupulously underlines a team of researchers who reviewed about fifty diets.

Fewer carbohydrates here, reduced fat there, increased protein intake… or not, foods to banish, foods to favor…: an American-Canadian team examined the long-term effects of around fifty diets among the most popular weight loss products.

The follow-up involved some 7,000 middle-aged people. Overall, after six months, there is a slight difference depending on the method chosen, but the differences are zero after one year. In other words, all the approaches are valid, provided that the principles of the regime are well respected.

Two parameters that make all the difference

By analyzing the subgroups, the researchers nevertheless show that the weight loss is (much) more pronounced in two cases: when the diet was combined with the regular practice of physical activity, and when the person benefited from the support of relatives (family, friends, etc.).

Moreover, long-term diets are not necessarily the most effective: the crucial factor lies in respecting a balanced diet after the restriction period, therefore without taking up the bad habits of the past, in order to stabilize your weight.

Finally, we will add that it is always preferable to embark on a slimming diet under professional supervision (dietician, doctor, etc.).

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