It may be because of one or more of the five love killers that science has identified. These behaviors, according to the survey, can ruin a relationship if not recognized and immediately eliminated. This is why we are going to see how recognizing them quickly can help you save your relationship before it deteriorates. Read on to discover the five behaviors that could affect your relationship!

An Australian study supports the five main aspects that end a romantic relationship.

A team of Australian researchers recently conducted a survey of 5,500 single people between the ages of 21 and 76 to determine the worst love killers you can encounter in a relationship. All participants were asked to name the characteristics that would turn them off the most in a potential partner. What emerged was a varied list of characteristics, including physical, behavioral and sensual aspects. After analyzing the responses, the study was able to identify three love killers that were considered particularly unacceptable by the majority of respondents.

The five reasons highlighted are:

Physical neglect:

89% of participants said they would be very disappointed if their partner didn’t take care of him/her physically. Participants noted that this could manifest as an unwillingness or inability to adhere to basic grooming standards or maintain an appropriate level of cleanliness, suggesting that being well-groomed and presentable is fundamental to any successful relationship.

The laziness :

Laziness is widely seen by both genders as an unattractive personality trait. A lack of motivation and enthusiasm can lead to an exhausting and one-sided relationship. Both men and women seem to take this problem very seriously, as 72% of women consider it a major problem, compared to 60% of men. It is necessary to show dynamism and initiative in a relationship if both parties want to be satisfied; putting in the effort to work often leads to better results for everyone involved!

Excessive demand for affection:

Too strong an insatiable need for affection can have the opposite effect of that intended: it can scare away potential partners, according to this survey. The clingy personality is not seen as attractive, with nearly 70% of women and more than half of men surveyed saying it would scare them away. It seems like you have to show genuine respect for your partner and discipline when it comes to expressing affection to make the relationship work.

Lack of humor:

People need to find joy in the struggles and successes they experience together. The importance of a good laugh shared with the person you love cannot be overstated. Laughing together brings partners together, builds trust and increases intimacy. Yet according to the survey, it seems many couples aren’t doing enough!

More than half of women (58%) and just under half of men (50%) surveyed said that the lack of humor in their relationship was one of the main disconnect factors. Humor is so essential; if couples can learn to lightly enjoy each other’s company through playful laughter, it will help them stay connected in a much more meaningful way.

The distance :

Living away from your partner can be incredibly difficult, as it creates additional stress and tension in the relationship. Respondents in one study found that this separation can actually hurt love, with nearly half saying living apart is a sure way to ruin a romantic relationship. Without regular contact and shared moments, it can be difficult for couples to maintain a sense of closeness.

While video calls and email can offer fleeting reminders of affection, nothing can replace the joy of physical closeness. Above all, distance brings with it an unpredictable sense of the unknown that can be both disheartening and dangerous for many relationships that fall in its wake.

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