Filtering tap water with a filter jug ​​has become a habit in many homes, but their use still requires some good reflexes. ANSES has published a guide to the proper use of filter jugs to help them provide the best service.

Water filter jugs are home water treatment devices to be used exclusively with water intended for human consumption. They are therefore not designed to make drinking water that is not drinkable (eg: rainwater). Improving the quality of the water (in particular the taste of chlorine), the elimination of limestone or certain metals such as lead are part of the claims of the manufacturers of filter jugs. ANSES has assessed the safety and effectiveness of these filter jugs. The agency insists on the need to inform users about the restrictions or precautions for use with regard to the effects observed on the quality of the filtered water.

Chlorine, lead, copper… doubts about filtration

In its report, ANSES specifies that the use of filter jugs can lead to: the release of various contaminants (silver, sodium, potassium, ammonium ions) into drinking water, a lowering of the pH, or even an alteration the microbiological quality of the water.

Moreover, even if the available results show that most filter jugs comply with the recommendations of the standards concerning the reduction of odor, flavor, chlorine, lead and copper concentrations, these data do not make it possible to evaluate the real efficiency of all the filter jugs on the market.

Store in the fridge and drink within 24 hours after filtration

Also, the agency recommends users to:

Respect the instructions for use and any restrictions or precautions for use:

– cleaning the carafe,

– regular replacement of the cartridge,

– bringing filtered water into contact with certain metal or ceramic utensils, particularly when the water is heated, infant feeding

– consultation of a doctor for people following a controlled diet (especially low in sodium or potassium)

– Store the filter jug ​​and its water in the refrigerator and consume the filtered water quickly, ideally within 24 hours after filtration.

ANSES – Press release

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