Summer is a season when it is important to take care of your health and your diet. However, certain foods can be avoided to preserve your well-being. Here are some foods to limit or avoid this summer:

Fatty and fried foods

Fatty and fried foods are indeed difficult to digest and can cause health problems like bloating, heartburn and increased body fat. Thus, it is advisable to opt for a diet composed of fresh and light foods during the summer season in order to prevent these health concerns.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are a great option due to their high content of essential vitamins and minerals to maintain a healthy body. fresh foods are often tastier and have a more pleasing texture, which can increase the enjoyment of eating and improve overall satisfaction with the summer dining experience.

sugary drinks

Sugary drinks, such as sodas, energy drinks, and sugary fruit juices, are known for their high calorie and added sugar content. These drinks can help raise your blood sugar levels, which can lead to health problems like type 2 diabetes and obesity.

For healthy and natural hydration, it is recommended to drink water, fresh fruit juices or homemade smoothies. Fresh fruit juices can also provide essential vitamins and minerals to your body, while smoothies can be an excellent source of dietary fiber and protein if you add fruits and vegetables to them. By reducing your intake of sugary drinks and switching to healthier beverages, you can improve your overall health and maintain a healthy weight.

Red meats

Red meats are high in saturated fat and can be difficult to digest, which can lead to health issues such as obesity, heart disease and certain cancers. It is therefore preferable to limit the consumption of red meats and to favor white meats, fish and vegetables for healthy and balanced meals.

White meats are an excellent source of protein, which is essential for the growth and repair of body tissues. Vegetables are an important source of vitamins and minerals, which are needed to maintain good health. Fish, especially fatty fish like salmon, are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which have beneficial effects on heart and brain health. It’s also important to choose healthy cooking methods, such as steaming, stewing, or grilling, to avoid adding extra fat and calories to your meals.

processed foods

Processed foods are often high in additives and preservatives that can harm your health. They are often made from inferior ingredients and contain substances that can have negative effects on your body. For example, some additives are known to be endocrine disruptors, which can lead to hormonal imbalances. Similarly, preservatives can accentuate allergic reactions, especially in sensitive people.

This is why, during the summer, it is particularly important to give preference to fresh and natural foods for a healthy and balanced diet. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are rich in essential vitamins and nutrients, which will help you maintain good health while enjoying yourself. Salads and grilled meats are also good choices because they are low in fat and easy to digest. Finally, remember to drink enough water to stay hydrated throughout the day and avoid heatstroke.

Whole dairy products

During the summer, it is best to limit the consumption of whole dairy products, as these can be more difficult to digest due to their high fat content. High temperatures make our digestive system more sensitive, and consuming whole milk and high-fat dairy products can cause bloating, upset stomach, and even intestinal discomfort.

To maintain a healthy and light diet in summer, favor low-fat dairy products, such as skimmed milk, low-fat yogurt and cottage cheese. You can also explore plant-based alternatives, such as almond, soy or oat milk, which offer a lactose-free and lighter option for the body, while contributing to optimal digestive well-being during the hot season. .

It is important to favor a healthy and balanced diet during the summer avoiding fatty and fried foods, sugary drinks, red meats and processed foods. By opting for fresh and light foods, you can fully enjoy the summer season while taking care of your health.

* criptom strives to transmit health knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE, the information given can not replace the advice of a health professional.