When traveling, troubles affect people, causing discomfort. This condition, called motion sickness or motion sickness, originates in sensory information. It is generally reduced to nausea and vomiting. Ginger tea helps to prevent and relieve it.

Causes and symptoms of motion sickness

The disorder appears during road, air or water travel. It has many softening signs.

  • The mechanism of motion sickness

The brain usually adapts the organism to the movements of the body. It establishes control by combining visual information and motion perception at the vestibule. During a transported trip, the eyes send out a movement signal. The vestibule, located in the inner ear, indicates that the body is fixed on the seat. This conflicting information inhibits the adaptive command by the brain. The frequency of movement variations, such as road bends, amplifies motion sickness.

The person suffering from travel sickness usually feels discomfort in the abdomen. This causes nausea called heartache. Young children feel aversion to food and are restless.

Sometimes the individual turns pale and breaks out in cold sweats. His mouth fills with saliva and he begins to vomit. His breathing rate quickens, he experiences dizziness and a migraine and fatigue.

The discomfort subsides shortly after stopping and does not produce any major health consequences.

Prevent and relieve motion sickness with ginger tea

The discomfort caused by motion sickness induce an apprehension of travel. Ginger reduces, eliminates its effects.

  • Powers of ginger against nausea

THE ginger rhizome provides vitamins A and B and starch. It also contains gingerols, shogaols and paradols to which it owes its pungent taste. These constituents allow it to help the stomach and intestine during digestion. It increases their motor skills necessary for gastric contractions and peristaltic movements. In addition, it has a soothing power against stomach and liver irritations. It also inhibits the transmission of gag reflexes through brain receptors.

  • Preparation of herbal tea

A ginger tea of 250 ml constitutes an individual portion for a voyage. This requires 3 grams of powdered rhizome. Ginger is poured into a quarter liter of boiling water. The solution is allowed to boil for a quarter of an hour. Adding a teaspoon of honey brings some sweetness to the taste of the herbal tea. You can also improve the action against motion sickness by infusing it with some lemon balm flowers.

THE ginger products not suitable for children under 6 years old. They are also prohibited in people with stomach ulcers and gallstones. Medical advice is required during anticoagulant treatment.

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