Many women choose to embrace their age and add some color to their gray locks, but if done incorrectly, it can be an embarrassing mistake that no product or hairstyle can fix. Although, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with showcasing your cheeky new shade. – in fact, it can turn heads! – Care must be taken when deciding what color you want to choose, who should apply the stain, and how often to touch up. In this article, we’re going to look at five common mistakes that many women over 40 make when deciding to give their hair a little care by coloring it – mistakes that could otherwise ruin their look!

Mistake #1: Not consulting a professional hairdresser.

One of the biggest mistakes people over 40 make when deciding to color their hair is not consulting a professional hairstylist. Over-the-counter dyes and canned colors are sometimes harsh on aged hair and can produce uneven, unnatural results. A professional hairstylist can provide advice on the best dye to use, as well as a bespoke color that will suit your skin tone and lifestyle.

Mistake #2: Choosing too dark a shade.

When coloring their hair after 40, many people choose shades that are too dark for their skin tone or overall look. It can make them look older than they really are, or look unnatural at all. To avoid this mistake, it is advisable to consult with your hairdresser to choose a shade that harmonizes with your skin tone and creates an age-appropriate look.

Mistake #3: Ignoring gray hair coverage.

Many people forget to consider gray hair coverage when deciding to color their hair after 40. Gray hair tends to be more resistant to dyeing than younger hair, so it’s important to choose a dye specifically designed for gray hair coverage so that it takes effect properly.

Mistake #4: Not using the right kind of shampoo and conditioner.

People often forget that using the right shampoo and conditioner is key to maintaining color-treated hair over time – especially if they’re over 40! Choosing products specially formulated for colored hair helps to ensure that the color stays vibrant longer, without fading or taking on brassy or unnatural colors over time.

Mistake #5: Neglecting post-coloring treatments.

It’s also important to remember that post-color treatments are necessary to achieve long-lasting results when coloring your hair over 40. Deep conditioning treatments help replenish moisture lost from chemical processing, while protein treatments repair peroxide damage to keep hair looking healthy and beautiful!

How do I make my hair color last?

To make sure your hair color stays vibrant and beautiful for longer, here are some tips:

Choose a semi-permanent or temporary hair color over a permanent color.

Semi-permanent and temporary colors do not penetrate the hair shaft like permanent dyes do and therefore fade more slowly. And since these types of coloring are less harsh on hair in general, they are an ideal choice for people over 40 whose locks are drier and more fragile.

Invest in a sulfate-free shampoo and other hair care products made specifically for colored hair.

Sulfate-based shampoos strip natural oils from the scalp and can cause colored hair to fade over time. Using sulfate-free products will help protect your new color from washing out too quickly.

Use lukewarm water when washing your hair, and always rinse with cold water to keep your color moist and vibrant.

Hot water opens up the cuticle layer of your locks, making them vulnerable to fading, while cold water helps close it up and lock in the dye molecules for optimal color durability.

Give your hair deep care regularly.

Invest in fortifying serums rich in nigella oil, castor oil or wheat protein. These components will ensure that your hair gets extra hydration while keeping it healthy and retaining its color for longer, instead of quickly fading due to dryness or damage caused by environmental factors or styling tools like the hair dryer or curling iron.

Limit the frequency of your washes.

Over-shampooing can cause your color to fade faster than it needs to, so try reducing washes if you’re looking to make it last longer without compromising on cleanliness or style!

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