Bacteria can live in our homes for days, weeks, or even months. Hence the importance of regularly changing the sheets and, of course, disinfecting them with cleaning products.

How often should the sheets be changed?

Most people respect hygiene and cleaning measures. However, even though it often looks like there is no dirt, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a large amount of bacteria. They are found not only on sheets, but also on mattresses, in the bedroom and on countless surrounding objects.

As a general rule, sheets should be changed at least once a week. The most important reason is that bed sheets are becoming anything but hygienic. Sweat settles on them, but also external dirt and bodily fluids.

When talking about dirt on the sheets, we must also mention the possible presence of fungi. In addition, night after night, the dead cells of our epidermis are deposited in the tissues. Their presence attracts mites, which is anything but healthy, especially for breathing.

How to wash bed sheets

When it comes to washing sheets, it is worth stopping not only on the periodicity, but also on how to wash them. The first thing to note in this regard is to avoid mixing the sheets with the clothes. So you can clean them thoroughly.

If you really want to destroy bacteria, you should pay attention to the following points:

Don’t overdo it with the quantity: it is very easy to take all the clothes and do a large amount of washing. However, if you really want the clothes washing machine to clean the sheets well, you just have to put only one set of sheets in it.

Program settings: If the sheets are very dirty, we recommend choosing the strongest cycle. In all other cases, a regular cycle is sufficient.

If you leave sheets in the washing machine too long, they may shrink, so we recommend washing them more often. If, for reasons of economy, it is objectively difficult to devote one wash to bedding, then it is better to put sheets with light cotton fabrics, but never with towels.

Let them dry: Sheets usually take a little longer to dry than other clothes.

Temperature: Although the sheets do not have difficult stains, it is best to wash them in lukewarm water, i.e. between 40 and 60°C. This is the only way to prevent mites from surviving.

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