According to statistics, a person who drinks in moderation, that is, only on weekends, consumes about 9.5 liters of alcohol per year. Imagine the amount of alcohol that can be drunk by those who cannot control themselves. Alcohol has terrible consequences on our body.

But if we gradually reduce our alcohol consumption, what happens to our body in just 28 days is incredible.

First week without alcohol

In the first days of abstinence, we eat more. Quitting drinking leads us to look for foods that are higher in carbohydrates. Indeed, alcohol increases the level of sugar in the blood and those who stop drinking will have the impression of not consuming sugar.

The quality of sleep of those who are accustomed to drinking before falling asleep is certainly not the best, but it deteriorates from the first week of abstinence.

Other consequences in the first week are headaches, hypertension or minor liver problems.

Second week without alcohol

The liver begins to recover. Alcohol consumption is a risk factor for the liver and can cause several diseases: from steatosis, that is, the accumulation of fat in the organ, to cirrhosis, a disease in which the structure and liver function are severely impaired. With abstinence, the liver is geared towards slow recovery. Digestion is improved.

Drinking alcohol causes our stomach to produce more saliva and gastric juices. Stopping it normalizes the situation.

Third week without alcohol

The third week, the skin is rejuvenated. Alcohol consumption leads to a decrease in elasticity and dilation of blood vessels, hence the appearance of spots, veins and redness, puffiness and dark circles. Stopping alcohol consumption improves circulation and frees blood vessels. It is easier to get up in the morning.

When a person is drunk, they immediately enter a deep sleep phase, skipping the early stages, which makes waking up difficult.

Once the alcohol is completely eliminated from your body, the sleep cycle becomes normal.

Teeth are white again. Alcohol contains sugars and acidic substances that affect tooth enamel, causing cavities and increasing plaque. It improves taste and smell. Alcohol abuse affects taste and smell receptors.

Fourth week without alcohol

Stopping alcohol consumption can lead to a loss of 2 to 3 kilos per month. Alcohol, with its amount of carbohydrates and the digestive problems it causes, makes you fat.

Blood pressure drops. Alcohol overloads our blood vessels. This causes high blood pressure.

Drinking alcohol puts our lives at risk. Chronic alcohol consumption can lead to dementia. The next time you go out with friends, remember that continued alcohol abuse is a silent disaster for your health and beauty.

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