Have you wondered if the frequency of your sexual intercourse is normal? It’s only natural to have doubts about how much sex you’re having with your partner. But it should be kept in mind that

More sex doesn’t always mean a better relationship. On the contrary, by focusing on the quality of sex, your relationship with your partner, and what is best for your relationship, you can strengthen your bonds and make your well-being even more excellent.

How many times do you have to have sex to be healthy?

According to some experts, having sex once a week is enough to reap the rewards. A recent study found that the average adult has sex 54 times a year, or an average of about once a week. The study, conducted by the Kinsey Institute, surveyed nearly 2,000 adults around the world. Participants were assessed on their sexual behavior over the past year, including frequency of intercourse and number of partners.

She also found that, for married couples, that number stayed almost the same, 51 times a year. However, the frequency varies according to age: young people in their 20s declared having sexual intercourse around 80 times a year, while this figure drops to 20 for those in their sixties.

Making love: This carnal act with many benefits.

To think that sex is important because it makes us feel good. Think again ! This sensual act frees you from your chains, also helps you sleep well, release stress and release happy endorphins in the body. Not to mention it burns a ton of calories. Other benefits are added to the list:

  • Building emotional intimacy:

Sex helps strengthen the emotional bond between the two partners. For a successful romantic relationship, it is essential that the people involved are on the same wavelength emotionally and psychically.

  • Improve cardiovascular health:

According to a recent study, men who have sex an average of once a week are less likely to suffer a heart attack than those who have less than one a month.

  • Increase immunity:

Having sex every week increases the level of immunoglobulin A, an antibody that strengthens the immune system. This allows your body to fiercely fight all types of diseases.

Whether you’re overwhelmed with work, stressed or your routine is deadly, having sex could help you tremendously. This boosts your mood and banishes stress from your daily life. How it gives you a permanent smile.

  • Foster attachment:

Did you know that an orgasm multiplies the level of oxytocin by five? This hormone of rational love, which gives you infinite well-being and strengthens your bonds.

  • Boost blood circulation:

During sex, your heart rate increases and your heart amplifies its function to build stamina. It’s like during intense physical activity. Hence its importance in maintaining good health. Making love boosts your blood circulation and heart health.

  • Improve general physical condition:

You don’t like sports, you don’t feel like doing exercises at home. You know you can lose weight any way you want! Only one is essential is a part of legs in the air which will make you lose fat and will do wonders for your figure. Thirty minutes is enough to burn more than 80 calories.

  • Reduce the risk of depression:

Having sex every week is like exercising at high frequency. If you feel relieved and relaxed after having sex, it’s because the brain releases several feel-good hormones like melatonin, serotonin, and endorphin.

  • Being in seventh heaven all day:

According to a study, people who have sex in the morning manage their daily stress better and even go through the day in a good mood. After a good game of legs in the air, they can start their day in joy and good humor and refute anything that could make them smile.

The respect of this frequency proven scientifically good for health can at the same time decrease the sexual disorders.

Although libido varies from person to person, there is a difference between too much and not enough sex. When a person has several sexual relations, it can lead to disorders such as addiction, while those who have little sexual relations can suffer from disorders such as anxiety or depression. A study published in the Journal of Sex Research found that people who stick to the scientifically proven healthy frequency of having sex once a week can both reduce sexual dysfunction and increase levels of well-being.

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