Intermittent fasting has been a very popular diet for a few years, many studies have agreed on its benefits.
Its principle is to alternate the phases where you eat and where you refrain from consuming calories. Water and non-caloric beverages (coffee without sugar for example) are allowed, the aim is not to trigger peaks in blood sugar and/or insulin in the blood following the ingestion of food. Some doctors say you can afford to eat a few foods as long as you don’t exceed a 50 calorie threshold, but it is recommended that you abstain completely.

Intermittent fasting derives its benefits from the fact that the body takes rest without food. Indeed, the less you eat, the less your body will have to deal with the potential toxins and harmful effects of certain foods, and by limiting the nutrient intake ingested, the body will learn not to waste food by increasing its rate of assimilation. He will also take rest with digestion and the metabolic mechanisms that follow.

It is practiced by alternating well-defined intervals, the day is divided into two parts where the phase of fasting must be longer than the phase where one eats. The 24 hours are commonly divided into periods of 8 hours of food and 16 hours of abstinence, this division is the most popular because it allows it to be adapted to start at standard lunch time (noon) and conclude at lunch time. standard dinner (8 p.m.), there are also other formulas which alternate 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. etc.

Among the many benefits of this diet:

  • Better assimilation of food
  • Rest of the digestive system
  • Weightloss
  • Regulation of blood sugar levels
  • Regulation of insulin in the blood
  • Regulation of hunger/satiety-related metabolisms

Even if this diet aims to lose weight, however, it is necessary to eat quite a lot after breaking the fast, because there is a nutrient deficit to be made up between proteins to prevent catabolic processes and calories to fill energy resources. .

Other than its health benefits, intermittent fasting can come in handy in terms of saving time because you’ll have fewer meals to prepare during the day and you’ll spend less time eating. This will therefore save the energy that is usually spent on these activities. This lifestyle forces the person to be more organized and eliminates random meals throughout the day.

This diet has been proven on millions of people, it is an excellent solution for losing weight and improving your health in general.

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