Oral health is not just an aesthetic gesture to have beautiful white teeth. Brushing teeth flushes out bacteria present in the oral cavity and thus limits the risk of developing gum problems, loosening of teeth and heart health.

It is possible, as has been done for decades, to brush your teeth effectively with a manual toothbrush.

However, an electric toothbrush can be a great alternative to a manual toothbrush, especially if you have arthritis or other conditions that make manual brushing difficult.

The motions of an electric toothbrush might even help you remove more plaque from your teeth and improve your gum health.

Most important, the quality of the hair on the head and the frequency of brushing

If you’re using an electric toothbrush, make sure it’s comfortable to hold and easy to use. Pay particular attention to the quality of the hair on the head. Other features, such as adjustable power levels, timers, and rechargeable batteries, are optional.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for when to replace the head to ensure the toothbrush continues to work effectively.

Whether you choose an electric toothbrush or a manual toothbrush, remember that what is most important is daily brushing, at least twice a day.

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