On average, a person spends €385 per month on food. And yet, with the rising prices of basic necessities, many are forced to review their food budgets. That’s why it’s important to know how to eat well without driving up the expense. Here are some tips.

Organize well:

Organization is a step that always works and is also always essential for any project. So, to reduce expenses without changing the quality of the food, it is best to plan the diet. More concretely, it is a question of making a calendar of meals for the week or even for the month. This makes it possible to determine the final budget and thus, banish additional expenses.

Cooking at home:

It’s no secret to everyone, eat better without breaking the bank it’s cooking yourself. Instead of buying prepackaged meals or restaurant dinners, replace them with homemade meals. Not only are home-cooked meals often cheaper than take-out, but they are also generally healthier. This is the case of fast food, it is true that their menus are varied and very affordable, but when you calculate the meals consumed per day, you will notice how wise it is to start preparing your meals yourself. even in the guarantee of the quality of the products used and of what you eat.

Be flexible:

According to a recent study, nearly half of French people try to eat healthier. But eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, there are plenty of ways to eat well without breaking the bank. One way to save money is to be flexible with your food choices. If quinoa is too expensive this week, try replacing it with brown rice or barley. Instead of buying healthy snacks, prepare them at home using oatmeal and seasonal fruits. If a cooking recipe appeals to you, but the ingredients are less accessible, replace them with others that are available to you.

Make a vegetable garden:

There is nothing more effective for reducing expenses and eating healthy than having your own vegetable garden. Contrary to popular belief, this does not necessarily require a spacious area. A small garden, a terrace, a balcony, and every little space available can constitute a profitable vegetable garden. It is enough just to choose the type of plantation according to the intensity of the light and the climate to have a perfect culture.

Favor the short circuit:

It is a question of buying local products or local products. In this way, the expense relating to the cost of moving the products is reduced. They will also be able to keep their quality, because they do not go on a long journey.

Buy in low season:

Food prices may change depending on the season. When they are in excess on the market, they are cheaper and when their seasons are over, their prices go up. It is therefore best to stock up during the low seasons. However, you have to pay close attention to their expiry dates. In general, fruits and vegetables can be frozen for quite a long time.

Properly store food:

Conservation is the key to successfully reducing food expenses. Well-preserved foods can stay in the freezer and refrigerator for a long time. Thus, it is possible to reduce expenses and avoid waste, as well as eat better to live better. There are several tips for storing food properly. For example, it is necessary to use airtight cans, very rigid freezer bags, etc. It is also very important to make the right choice of preservation equipment according to the type of food. Cookies are better in aluminum cans than in sachets and cartons, as this prevents moisture. Pasta should be put in glass boxes etc. as an example, take a look at this article: Keep the taste of summer all season long.

Compare the prices :

Anyone who’s ever tried eating healthy on a budget knows it can be a challenge. Fresh fruits and vegetables often seem expensive, and it can be tempting to buy anything on sale, even if it’s not the healthiest option. However, there are ways to eat healthy without breaking the bank. An essential tip is to compare prices in different stores. Even if one store seems cheaper overall, another may have better deals on certain items. It is also important to look for promotional offers and coupons. With a little planning, you can eat healthy without spending a fortune.

* criptom strives to transmit health knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE, the information given can not replace the opinion of a health professional.