Fatigue, low morale, lack of self-confidence… What if we opted for precious stones to take control of our emotional balance?

Good to know: in ancient civilizations, many rituals were based on the beneficial effects of precious stones… To fully understand the merits of stones, you need to know a little about “energy”.

The stones have a particular vibratory field which releases a certain form of energy and rebalances the body. Stones have various beneficial effects depending on their properties, which are related to their composition. So how do you choose the right stone for you? Well, there are two ways. Whether you have a specific problem (difficulty sleeping, irrational fears…) and you are looking for a stone to remedy it. Or you follow your intuition. Once you have chosen a stone, know that what it can reveal to you would be the comfort you really need.

In lithotherapy, crystals and stones are used to promote physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Each type of crystal is believed to vibrate at a different frequency, which can help balance the energy centers of the body. The stones can be worn as jewelry (as a necklace or as a bracelet). You can also slip them inside your bag, in a pocket or even under your cushion. Or put them in the spotlight on your desk. Another possibility: you can hold them in your hand and use them as a meditation support.

Which stone to choose according to your needs?


In times of emotional upheaval, certain stones are known to calm the mind and regulate mood. Good stones: mother-of-pearl, pink quartz and rhodochrosite.

Energy boost:

In case of great fatigue and lack of energy, certain stones revitalize you and give you a boost. Good stones: amethyst, topaz and amber.


For protection from negative energies, black tourmaline is a powerful stone that helps deflect negativity and cleanse the auric field. Likewise, amethyst is known for its ability to dispel negative thoughts and encourage positive thinking. Finally, citrine is a stone of protection that helps cleanse the chakras and promote inner peace.

Self-confidence :

When it comes to self-confidence, certain crystals are particularly beneficial. Rose Quartz is believed to open the heart and promote self-love, while Tiger’s Eye is believed to increase courage and promote assertiveness. Other stones that can be helpful for self-confidence include jasper, carnelian, and amazonite. By using these stones in meditation or carrying them with you throughout the day, you can help balance your energy and boost your self-confidence.

Boost morale:

To drive away sad thoughts and restore a little hope, certain stones give you a boost of energy and bring a little lightness and happiness. Good stones: green aventurine, amazonite and citrine.

To have your feet on the ground :

To return to the present moment, not to dwell on the past and not to get lost in your thoughts, certain stones allow you to reconnect and find the path to serenity. The right stones: mahogany obsidian, jasper and garnet.

Serenity :

In case of stress and a tormented rhythm of life, certain stones help you to overcome your anxieties and to fight stress effectively. Good stones: pyrite, mookait jasper and aquamarine.

Fortune and creativity:

In lithotherapy, there are several stones that are supposed to bring good luck. The most famous of these is the four-leaf clover, which is believed to bring good luck to anyone who finds it. Other popular stones include the horseshoe, lucky penny, and rabbit’s foot. Each of these stones has its own meaning and properties, but all are believed to bring good luck to those who possess them.

How to get these gems?

If some people can easily buy these gemstones from local metaphysical store or online retailer. Others prefer to obtain them through more earthly methods, such as hiking, stone hunting, or gem mining. For those interested in lithotherapy but not sure where to start, here are some tips on how to obtain these gemstones.

One of the easiest ways to start crystal healing is to purchase a set of stones or crystals from a local metaphysical store or online retailer. Crushed stones are smooth, polished rocks that have been treated with heat, water, or chemicals to create their shine. They are usually sold in sets of different shapes and sizes and can be used for various purposes. Like meditation, energy work, or carrying in a pocket or purse.

If you do not have the opportunity to buy crushed stones, you can visit a natural stone store or attend an exhibition of precious stones and minerals. These events usually take place every year and offer a wide variety of rocks, minerals, and fossils to purchase. Finally, for those who live near areas where rock is exposed, hiking and rock hunting can be great ways to find crystals and rough stones. When searching for these gemstones in the wild, be sure to use only gentle methods, such as hand picking or raking, so as not to harm the environment.

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