Cristina Cordula is a Brazilian TV host, world-famous model and beauty consultant, and she revealed the three most common mistakes women make when applying makeup. If you recognize yourself, it’s time to change your habits!

Mistake #1: Heavy Makeup: One of the most important beauty mistakes to point out.

What you need to do: Avoid the plaster effect!

With a bunch of cosmetic products, from one step to another, the majority of us get lost and start putting on superimposed layers which in the end generate a cackey face as we say a plaster face. You can’t blame the quality of the products when you just have to take the right steps to achieve a smooth, blemish-free and natural looking complexion.

Cristina Cordula advises preparing the skin through hydration. When you hydrate your skin well, it returns the favor and gives off a naturally glowing complexion. Therefore, drink plenty of water, put on a moisturizing base, a rich serum adapted to the nature of your skin. Replace your foundation with a BB cream or CC cream.

For acne-prone skin, covering up blemishes with layers of high-coverage foundation only makes things worse and shows your flaws instead of hiding them. Instead, cover your acne with a concealer that suits your skin tone, leave it on for a few minutes before blending it in place. Then, continue your makeover. General rule: The fewer base coats you apply, the better!

Mistake No. 2: Adopting the same foundation texture on a tanned complexion.

What you need to do: Enjoy the summer tan!

It is sure that we have all benefited from the sun in summer and we have acquired a tanned complexion. However, for those who have resumed their habit of putting on full make-up as soon as they return from vacation, should not forget that the products applied are not all eligible with their tanned complexion.

Therefore, Cristina Cordula suggests taking advantage of our tan which is still in place and highlighting it with a bronzer. Obviously, apply it on the jawline, temples and hollows of your cheeks. You will see for yourself how much more radiant your face would be.

Photo credit: Freepik

Mistake #3: Ignoring eyebrows.

What you need to do: Don’t forget your eyebrows!

The majority make the mistake of neglecting their eyebrows when they are part of the facial features and must be aligned and well drawn. Straight and perfect eyebrows can make a big difference in your overall appearance. Not only do they help frame your face, but they can also make you look neater.

Cristina Cordula shares one of her best tips is to never forget to do her eyebrows. “Eyebrows are one of the most important features of your face,” she expresses. “They can completely change your appearance, so it’s important to take the time to apply makeup properly” Cordula recommends using a brow pencil or powder to fill in sparse areas, then using a setting brow gel to fill in the brows. hold in place all day. When you have just learned the three make-up mistakes not to make, you are able to do your make-up like a pro!

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