As the signs of aging inevitably catch up with us, there’s nothing more frustrating than feeling powerless to prevent those fine lines and wrinkles from forming. But what if we told you that you could delay – and even reverse – the effects of time simply by investing in a few natural ingredients? Today, naturopath Mélodie Dewever offers you a natural solution to fight wrinkles and sagging skin. She gives us her recipe for an anti-aging serum made up of four simple ingredients that are both affordable and accessible. If you’ve ever wanted to slow down the aging of your skin the natural way and refresh your appearance without having to undergo expensive or invasive procedures, this homemade solution is perfect for you!

It is entirely possible to create your own anti-aging serum using this formula.

Just as certain haircuts can bring a person’s face back to life, natural ingredients are the best allies in the fight against wrinkles and aging skin. While there’s no magic solution for wrinkles that have already begun to form, regular use of high-quality skincare products can reduce sagging skin and lessen the appearance of dehydration wrinkles. We all know how hyaluronic acid and retinol have become two popular active ingredients thanks to their effectiveness and anti-aging properties. Admittedly, other raw plant active ingredients can also provide support for mature skin looking for a more natural approach.

Mélodie Dewever, a certified naturopath, carefully chose four all-natural components to create an anti-aging serum, which was designed for Sunday Natural – a company specializing in aromatherapy and dietary supplements. This recipe perfectly illustrates the power of natural ingredients in the fight against wrinkles and preserving the youthfulness of the skin. As these components work synergistically, their combined effects can help reduce visible signs of aging like dryness and age spots while promoting increased collagen production for firmer skin. In addition, they deeply hydrate the complexion, which not only helps reduce fine lines, but also prevents further damage caused by environmental pollutants.

Here are the benefits of each natural ingredient used in the composition of the anti-aging serum.

The Immortal:

Also known as Helichrysum italicum, is a plant native to the Mediterranean that is often used for its valuable anti-aging properties. It contains active compounds such as flavonoids, phenolic acids, and bitter principles that can help stimulate the skin’s natural collagen production, reduce wrinkles and discoloration, and improve elasticity. Additionally, it has anti-inflammatory and healing properties that can help with sun damage or other skin issues.

Argan oil :

It is an ingredient derived from the kernels of the argan tree (Argania spinosa), native to Morocco. Argan oil is composed of vitamin E and essential fatty acids which are beneficial for skin health. In local application, it helps to moisturize the skin while protecting it from free radicals. Additionally, it has been found to reduce signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles through its antioxidant properties and nourishing abilities.

Hemp seed oil:

It comes from the seeds of the Cannabis Sativa plant. It contains high concentrations of polyunsaturated fatty acids, including omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. This oil helps nourish the skin with its anti-inflammatory effects while providing hydration and moisture balance without clogging pores or blocking pores. sweat glands. It can be especially beneficial for those who suffer from dryness or sensitive skin issues thanks to its protective barrier action in addition to its skin soothing abilities.


It is a perennial herbaceous flower, also known as Pelargonium graveolens L’Her., used in traditional medicine for centuries. Its aromatic properties make it ideal for skin care, where it helps rejuvenate tired complexions by stimulating cell regeneration and increasing circulation, while toning and balancing the complexion. Geranium essential oil also contains powerful antioxidants that protect against free radical damage, which can lead to premature aging if not managed properly.

How to prepare this serum with the magic formula?

In a 15 ml bottle, pour 7 ml of argan oil, followed by the same amount of hemp oil. Add 3 drops of vitamin E, 1 drop of geranium HE and 4 drops of immortelle HE. Secure the lid firmly when finished. It is better to choose a tinted bottle with a pipette.

The tinted glass helps protect the essential oils from light degradation while providing a secure seal that will preserve the integrity of your serum. The pipette makes it easy to dispense the right amount every time. Start by cleansing your face and apply 3 drops of this anti-aging serum every evening on clean skin.

Tips and Tricks:

  • For mature skin, choose a toner such as rose water or orange blossom water.
  • Use a Hydrosol spray on your face every evening before applying this serum. Hydrolat is an aromatic water distilled from plants, herbs or flowers, depending on the type you choose. For example, lavender, rose, neroli, chamomile or geranium. This extra step will provide additional anti-aging benefits by softening, hydrating, calming inflammation or brightening skin tone depending on the Hydrolat used.
  • Massage into skin in light circles until serum is fully absorbed into pores for best results.


It is recommended to seek the advice of a doctor in case of epilepsy, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or underlying medical treatment.

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