A small spot that is noticed on the skin, melanoma generally appears red, pinkish or black in color. However, other signs make it possible to recognize it well and this is what we will see in this article!

Melanoma, what is it really?

Basically, in its first signs, melanoma appears as a patch of black or brown color on the skin. By the way, at this stage it is less dangerous and can be easily treated. Present in different places, it can appear on part of healthy skin, from a mole or under a nail.

It can also evolve at several levels. Somehow, melanoma exists as cancerous cells only in the skin. And its progression takes place both inside the skin and deep down. From this moment, this melanoma is said to be invasive and causes deep damage. However, it is essential to recognize its real signs in order to prevent it!

How to recognize melanoma?

Apart from the basic manifestations, we offer you 6 inevitable signs of the presence of melanoma on the skin.

  1. The bottom of the nail is brown.

When we talk about melanoma under the nail, a kind of brown band in the direction of the length appears, it is as if it were a hematoma or shock. So if you have not suffered any shock under the nail and the hematoma appears, it is normally advisable to consult a dermatologist.

  1. Appearance of a tobacco or brown stain

A small spot appears on the skin, it is usually brown in color and its evolution causes it to change to pink, red or black. It is also important to note that during its evolution, melanoma can also change shape and appearance.

  1. Keeps the same irregularity as a mole

As with moles, melanomas are inconstant neither in their shape nor in their relief. They are halfway between round and oval and usually distributed unevenly. They are, at the same time, poorly delimited.

  1. mole that changes color

To really determine a melanoma, a color change from black to blue, red or white is a sufficient sign. At this time, special arrangements must be made so that its evolution does not impact your skin.

  1. The size of the mole which is considerable

When you notice your mole growing in size, it’s probably a sign of melanoma.

  1. Rapid mole change

The evolution of melanoma is very rapid. It grows in a dazzling way, changes thickness, volume and color. However, apart from the visible signs of melanoma, it is essential to know how to prevent it and avoid not being confronted with it!

As we all know, our skin generally protects us from heat, aggressions, infections and ultraviolet rays from the sun. As a result, fragile skin has serious health consequences. This is the case of melanoma which can seriously weaken the skin. Therefore, the causes that can cause melanoma are many.

On the other hand, certain factors can really develop it:

  • Continuous exposure to ultraviolet rays

Ultraviolet radiation that comes from the sun or artificial light such as sunlamps, tanning beds can cause melanoma. Therefore, it is advisable not to undergo them to avoid attacking the skin for a long time.

  • The fact of already being confronted with melanoma

A person who has already suffered from melanoma is more likely to catch up with it and develop it than someone who has never had one.

  • Have a relative who has already suffered from it
  • Frequent sunburns during childhood

Therefore, it is important to clarify that being exposed to ultraviolet rays is the main cause of the appearance of melanoma.

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