What’s too small? What’s too big? Research suggests that many men desire a bigger penis, whether or not they think their penis is of average size. And some men think they have a small penis when it’s actually about average. Here’s what the studies say behind average penis size, how to measure your penis, and what conditions can cause a penis to look or look smaller than usual.

What is the average?

The average length of a penis is about 10 cm when flaccid and 13 cm when erect. But how did we arrive at this figure?

penis size research

Over the years, several studies have attempted to give an accurate figure for average penis size. A modest study, published in 2014 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, looked at the average penis size of 1,661 men. The researchers found that the average erect penis length of the participants was 14.15 centimeters.

Another larger study compiled data from over 15,000 men to determine average height. In this study, length measurements were taken both flaccid and erect. The results determined that the average penis length was 9.16 cm flaccid and 13.12 cm erect.

Importantly, the first study used self-reported measurements, while the second study used measurements taken by a healthcare professional. Both studies have their limitations, but the numbers reported are consistent with similar studies of average penis size.

How to measure your penis

If you are curious about how to measure your penis size, here is a correct method to get an accurate measurement:

– You should have a tape measure or ruler handy.
– To measure length, start your measurement at the base of the penis, where the penis meets the pubic bone.
– Run the ruler or measuring tape over the entire length of the penis, from the base to the tip (glans). Do not measure the excessive length of the foreskin.
– To measure girth, wrap a flexible tape measure around the shaft of the penis at the base or midway between the base and the head.
– If you measure your penis in a flaccid state, be careful not to pull on the penis or stretch it, as you may injure yourself.

When does the penis grow?

Research suggests that there are different periods of penis growth throughout the life cycle. In one study, researchers tracked the penis size of over 3,000 men from birth to age 16. They found that, on average, the penis grew rapidly from birth until around 1 year of age. From 1 to 11 years old, penis growth slows down to some extent. Around age 11 and entering puberty, researchers observed another period of rapid growth.

When the penis seems small

Most men fall within the average penis size range. However, some boys and men may have what is called a micropenis. Also, not all small penises are micropenis.


Micropenis is a condition, most commonly diagnosed in infants, characterized by a penis that is smaller than average in size. The criterion for micropenis in infants is usually a penis size of less than 1.9 cm. (1.9 cm), based on the stretched length of the penis. One of the most common complications of micropenis is a decline in fertility due to a decrease in sperm count. An imbalance of sex hormones called hypogonadism is one of the main causes of micropenis.

Although there are different approaches to treating micropenis, hormone treatment can be instrumental. Early administration of testosterone can even help increase penis size by 100% during an infant’s initial treatment. In cases where hormone treatment isn’t working, surgery may be an option, while speaking with a mental health professional may provide longer-term benefits.

Invisible penis

Invisible penis is an umbrella term for a number of conditions that cause the penis to appear smaller than normal.

The following conditions are all related to having a smaller than normal penis.

buried penis

Buried penis is mainly caused by excessive accumulation of skin around the penis. The penis can be buried, or hidden, under the abdomen, the scrotum. In most cases, the penis is of normal length and functions normally. However, this condition can cause difficulty with sexual arousal and function as well as urination.

Webbed penises

We speak of webbed penises when the skin of the scrotum is attached too high on the penis. This can affect the angle of support of the penis, causing it to appear “webbed” and shorter than normal. Cosmetic surgery is a common treatment approach for this condition.

Stuck penis

The stuck penis may be the result of a circumcision that does not heal properly. In this case, the scar tissue from the circumcision causes the penis to get stuck under the scarred skin. This condition can lead to serious problems with urinary dysfunction, hence the need for steroid therapy or surgery.

Many of these conditions are rare and affect only a small portion of the population. Either way, though, it’s important to remember that penis size doesn’t necessarily determine sexual attractiveness. Penis size is just one small item in a list of things sexual partners find attractive. Emotional appeal being at the top of the list. Also, a 2006 study found that nearly 85% of women are happy with their partner’s penis size.


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Can you increase the size of your penis?

As much to say it right away, if there is something that can complex men, it is indeed the size of their penis! And for good reason, we keep hearing and reading statements on this subject in surveys or even in quizzes that ask men about it… Thus, it is not uncommon to see the subject of the size of the penis not to be approached much in private by men: the latter are quite simply afraid to see the gaze of others change completely, by admitting in particular that they can have a small penis.

And yet, you should know that there are indeed online solutions to increase the penis size, without it costing you very much, and in complete discretion. Of course, in case you want to increase the size of your penis, it is strongly recommended to read all the information on the products and services that you can find beforehand. In some cases, some men even choose to turn to a specialist before increase the size of their penis.

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