Mother of pearl, known for its shimmering sheen and pearlescent shine, is becoming an increasingly popular choice among skincare enthusiasts looking to give their skin a natural boost. This iridescent material found in seashells has been used to make decorative objects since ancient times. Today, it is taking the beauty industry by storm with its soothing properties that can help rejuvenate the skin and keep it looking young and healthy. Read on to find out how mother of pearl works and why you should add this gem of nature into your skincare routine!

Skin care: Discover the properties of mother-of-pearl.

Mother-of-pearl is an organic material composed of proteins, amino acids, aragonite, trace elements and calcium. Proteins are mainly made up of long-chain cellular proteins that help form the basis of collagen in the body. These 16 amino acids nourish skin cells, helping them stay healthy and preventing them from premature aging. Aragonite is a natural mineral that helps protect the skin from environmental damage. Trace elements such as magnesium, sodium, phosphorus and iron are present in nacre and are essential for cell metabolism and collagen production.

Finally, calcium, which accounts for 12% in the composition of mother-of-pearl, plays a role in maintaining the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Mother of pearl also contains zinc, which can help reduce inflammation on the surface of the skin. Together, these components contribute to nourishing the cells of the skin while protecting it from external aggressions.

Its regenerative activity for sublime and youthful skin.

The unique composition of mother of pearl imparts several benefits to skin care products. First, it’s an excellent source of minerals, including calcium, which can help replenish and strengthen skin tissue. Second, it contains compounds that can improve skin hydration by retaining moisture and promoting cell regeneration. Third, mother of pearl can help reduce inflammation caused by photoaging or acne, as well as improve skin texture and tone. Finally, it is full of antioxidant compounds that protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals from pollutants or UV rays.

Mother-of-pearl: Its compatibility.

Cosmetics containing nacre are suitable for most skin types.

For dry skin:

It contains a potent blend of minerals and immune-boosting compounds that can help improve skin hydration and reduce inflammation. Not only can the application of nacre soothe dry, flaky skin, but it also helps protect the skin from environmental pollutants and impurities. Plus, its shine adds a natural glow to your complexion! With regular use, this ancient ingredient may be just what you need to cure your dry skin issues.

For oily skin:

It works by restoring the skin’s natural pH balance, fighting excess oil production and removing debris for a smoother, softer complexion. Mother of Pearl is enriched with over 16 amino acids that help nourish and protect the epidermis from further damage. By using it regularly, you can expect a decrease in clogged pores, blackheads and blemishes. In addition to its astringent properties, mother-of-pearl also offers other benefits such as an even skin tone and better elasticity. This wonderful shell is a powerful weapon against oily skin problems for those who want to achieve a radiant complexion!

For mature skin:

Mother of pearl has many benefits for mature skin. It is a natural substance that helps to moisturize, protect and repair the skin. Skin cells absorb it easily, making it very effective in treating dryness and other signs of aging, such as wrinkles. Applying products containing pearl can also give an aging complexion a beautiful glow, helping to hydrate and minimize fine lines. When used regularly, these effects are long-lasting and help alleviate many common age-related skin problems.

For sensitive skin:

Mother-of-pearl is known for its soothing and beneficial effects on sensitive skin. From soothing inflammation to improving skin tone, mother of pearl has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that can help reduce redness and promote natural collagen production, making your skin look younger. . By softening and smoothing the surface of the skin without causing irritation, mother-of-pearl is the optimal choice for people with sensitive skin.

However, people with severe rosacea or broken capillaries should avoid nacre as it can exacerbate their condition.

Its compatibility with other active ingredients.

Mother of pearl has become increasingly popular lately for its ability to work alongside other key ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. Used with either of these two active ingredients, mother of pearl is able to form a wonderful combination that can both brighten, soothe and nourish the skin. For example, hyaluronic acid can help maintain skin hydration levels while vitamin C helps stimulate collagen formation. As such, mother of pearl is an excellent addition to any skincare regimen looking to maximize the results of these wonderful active ingredients.

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