Many phenomena irritate the stomach and induce vomiting. They produce bothersome and sometimes dangerous effects. Thus, they require treatment. However, natural methods seem preferable to pharmacological chemical substances.

Main causes of vomiting

Different parts of the body can be implicated in the event of vomiting. These can be circumstantial or pathological.

  • Digestive system disorders

The main disorders come from a viral infection inducing gastroenteritis. indigestion or food poisoning can also be causes. It can also be a strangulated hernia, bowel obstruction, appendicitis. One can also suspect hepatic colic, peritonitis.

  • Nervous system disorders

Inflammation of the cerebral cortex stems from tension inside the skull or cerebral edema. It frequently induces vomiting. Psychological disorders and internal pain are also responsible.

Vestibule problems are another common cause. These are usually dizziness and travel sickness.

  • Other pathological causes

The pathologies in question are myocardial infarction, renal insufficiency, infections such as malaria. Vomiting is sometimes linked to hyperthermia. It occurs frequently in bulimics and anorexics.

The consumption of drugs, a high rate of certain minerals also cause nausea. The disorder appears during the first months of a pregnancy.

Main symptoms of vomiting

THE faintness begins with an agitation in the stomach. It then affects the esophagus, and gastric contents come out of the mouth. Vomiting is sometimes accompanied by a painful twisting sensation in the abdomen. A sour taste appears in the mouth. At the same time, you feel headaches and a dry mouth.

Natural remedies for vomiting

Ginger and galangal are effective remedies for vomiting. They have some similar properties

Ginger has been used around the world for 5 thousand years to treat digestive disorders. We mainly use its underground part or rhizome. For the preparation of the herbal tea, one peels a rhizome of approximately 2 cm. Bring a liter of water to a boil. Then, the fire is kept at a constant temperature. Grate the ginger and mix it with water over the heat for 5 minutes. To improve the taste and effects, lemon and honey can be added. For this, there is no indicated dose. This herbal tea can be consumed at will throughout the day. Without notorious side effects, the herbal tea is however not recommended for pregnant women and in the preoperative period.

Galangal has properties that promote digestion. It helps to get rid of flatulence and vomiting. A cup of galangal tea is prepared with 1 g of root. It is infused in 200 ml of boiling water for about ten minutes. The consumption of herbal tea is not subject to a particular dosage.

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