Taking vacations always rhymes with rest, travel, fitness and resumption of extracurricular activities. Families always take the time to anticipate their vacation plan. However, the authorities in charge of the school agenda are said to have claimed that two months of vacation is far too long. A statement that has had the effect of chilling many parents, because after having endured nine months of mental and physical effort, it is very wise for children to be able to benefit from this school leave.

However, ensure thechildren’s activity during the holidays would allow a return in better shape and without negative repercussions on their academic development.

Children’s activities in two summer months

Parents are often faced with this major challenge, namely what activities to choose during the summer holidays. These activities can be fun, instructive or simply selfless to make the most of family time. Nevertheless, it is important to be concerned about their physical and mental well-being. The biological clock must adapt to the new rhythm with approximately the same hours as during the school year. Having an abrupt new schedule for the kids can have significant consequences.

Therefore, what types of activities to choose to keep a certain balance?

As mentioned above, to avoid sudden disconnections in children, it is important to keep more or less the same rhythm. As a result, during the first two weeks of the holidays, psychologically the pace would be less inclined to extracurricular activities. And many parents would be in a logic of favoring activities that are closer and closer to school but in a more playful, more relaxed way. In this wake, the children will begin to acclimatize to this new relaxing environment and will be much more ready for a full vacation.

It is also important to highlight the physical activities that will allow them to express themselves and develop their abilities and talents. On the other hand, in order not to expose oneself to risks, children’s physical exertion must be controlled.

Here is a list of activities to offer children during the holidays:

  • Go to the park
  • Make fruit skewers by the pool
  • Have a picnic outdoors
  • Go to the merry-go-round
  • Feed the plants
  • To play hide and seek
  • Play ball

The list is far from exhaustive and gives us an idea of ​​some activities practiced by children during the holidays. However, other activities are more sedentary, passive and would favor more obesity in children.

How two months can lead to childhood obesity?

childhood obesity occurs mainly during this holiday period. Between cartoon evenings, sleeping in later at night, snacks at hand all day, eating in front of the television, hamburger evenings, the menu is very rich for rapid weight gain. This overweight is the natural cause of being overweight. And when the notional intakes are much greater than the movements or the physical activity, this weight gain is quickly visible. The body of the child being very little solicited for a calorie expenditure, his health can take a hit easily. This is why health tips, such as cycling, bathing, helping mom with household chores or preparing dinner, are widely recommended to distract them and keep them busy.

Obesity in two months of vacation, how to fix it?

Take charge of child nutrition would be a major imperative for all parents who want to avoid childhood obesity. This requires a total inspection of his plate as much as daily physical activities. Watch more closely on the respect of the hours of food and its hygiene of life in general. Nevertheless, it is important that the nutritional needs of the child are known in order to adapt it and create a certain balance between portions and meals. For this, a health professional will be of great use. It is strongly possible to limit the consumption of unhealthy snacks and drinks with added sugar.

* criptom strives to transmit health knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE, the information given can not replace the opinion of a health professional.