On the web, many users break their teeth on this CM2/6e level calculation.
The terms general intelligence, general mental ability, IQ, or simply intelligence are often used interchangeably to refer to cognitive aptitude testing.

They are commonly offered during recruitment and are similar to logic tests. Logic is indeed an essential quality to develop both in the professional world and for your daily life.

Math aptitude tests are widely used in contests to reveal your logical skills. The math difficulty levels are intentionally low, because it’s not advanced math skills that are important, but how you solve the problem with a level of math knowledge equal to that of an elementary school child. .

This is where the difficulty lies and where the logic test comes into play. With simple elements, such as addition and multiplication, one or two basic math rules that everyone knows, you have to find the answer logically. If it seems easy at first glance, you quickly realize that you have to increase the parameters to be taken into account to solve the problem… with logic.

Logic is a strong indicator always measured in IQ tests

It is an essential quality to develop for greater ease in the professional world or simply to solve the small problems of everyday life. Because very often, we remain entangled in difficulties because we do not know how to approach the problem, where to start, what steps to take next to finally find a “logical” solution to our embarrassment. In the following exercise, your logic will be put to the test. You will have to detect the “internal logic” and hidden of the test and thus find the solution.

This problem has been going viral for a few days at first sight, this test is very simple, elementary class level operations, early middle school, but can you find the solution?

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Here is the solution in this video

The correct answer is 30

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