Want to grow your own vegetables, but don’t have much space or time for maintenance? Square cultivation may be the solution for you! Discover how to optimize space and facilitate the maintenance of your vegetable garden thanks to this simple and effective method.

What is square cropping?

Square farming is a method of gardening that involves growing vegetables in small squares of soil. They are delimited by wooden planks or bricks, which makes it easy to separate them and better manage the available space. This method is ideal for people who have little space to cultivate a traditional vegetable garden.

It’s a very old gardening method that was brought up to date in the 1970s by Mel Bartholomew, an American engineer with a passion for gardening. Since then, this method has become very popular, especially in cities where space is often limited.

This technique involves dividing a grow space into squares, each containing a different plant. They are delimited by wooden or metal planks, creating an organized structure that is easy to manage. The advantages of this method are numerous: it maximizes the available space, facilitates the maintenance of the plants and reduces the number of weeds.

In addition, it is suitable for all types of plants, from vegetables to flowers and aromatic herbs. It offers great flexibility in terms of arrangement of the squares, which allows everyone to customize their garden according to their needs. tastes and needs. Finally, it is an environmentally friendly method, as it reduces the need for water and fertilizer

The advantages of cultivation in squares

Square cultivation offers many advantages over other gardening methods.

Space optimization : The culture in squares makes it possible to cultivate a great variety of vegetables on a reduced surface. So you can grow more vegetables in a smaller space, which is ideal if you have a small garden or live in an apartment. In addition, it allows better management of the available space. Indeed, they are delimited by wooden planks or bricks, which makes it easy to separate them and better organize your vegetable garden.

Ease of maintenance : The culture in squares is very easy to maintain. They are delimited, which facilitates weeding and weed management. The land is also easier to work, making planting and harvesting easier. In addition, it allows better management of watering. Indeed, they are often raised, which allows better water management. The vegetables are watered directly in the rack, which avoids wasting water.

Better quality of vegetables : Cultivation in plots allows better control of the quality of the soil and the vegetables. Indeed, they are filled with quality soil and compost, which makes it possible to obtain healthier and tastier vegetables. In addition, the cultivation in blocks allows better control of diseases and pests, which reduces the use of chemicals.

How to create a square vegetable garden?

Creating a square vegetable garden is very simple. Here are the steps to follow:

Choose one sunny location for your vegetable garden. Vegetables need sun to grow, so it’s important to choose a sunny location.

Determine the size of your vegetable garden depending on the space available. Square cultivation allows you to grow vegetables in a small area, so it is important to determine the size of your vegetable garden according to the space available.

Build the squares out of wood or bricks. The squares are delimited by planks of wood or bricks, so it is important to build them well to prevent the earth from escaping.

Fill the squares with potting soil and compost. They must be filled with quality potting soil and compost to allow the vegetables to grow in the best conditions.

Plant your vegetables depending on the season. It is important to plant your vegetables according to the season so that they grow in the best conditions.

Water regularly and harvest your vegetables! It is important to water your vegetables regularly so that they grow in the best conditions. Remember to harvest your vegetables regularly to enjoy their freshness and flavor.

It’s a simple and effective way to grow your own vegetables, even if you have little space. This method offers many advantages, particularly in terms of space optimization, ease of maintenance and vegetable quality. So don’t hesitate any longer, start growing in squares and enjoy your fresh vegetables!

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