If you are an avid gardener, you know that the success of your garden depends on many factors such as plant choice, weather conditions and watering, but did you know that moon phases can also play an important role?

Gardening astrology, or more precisely biodynamics, is a method that uses the lunar phases to optimize the growth of your plants and the quality of your harvest.

Understanding the Moon Phases

The moon follows a 28-day cycle which is divided into four main phases: new moon, first quarter, full moon and last quarter, each phase is associated with specific characteristics that can affect plant growth.

New Moon : This is the perfect time to sow seeds and add new plants to your garden. The moon is in the rising phase, which means that the sap rises in the stems and leaves, thus promoting the growth of the aerial parts of the plants.

first quarter : It’s time to prune, pinch and graft the plants, an activity that is perfectly suited to this period. The moon is in its rising phase, but it is starting to slow its growth, which allows plants to better withstand the interventions.

Full moon : This is the perfect time to harvest fruits and vegetables. Currently in its descending phase, the moon promotes the growth of the underground parts of plants by allowing the sap to descend to the roots.

Last quarter: Now is a good time to clean up and prepare the ground for the next season. Although the moon is in its waning phase, its growth is beginning to slow down. This allows the plants to better withstand the cleaning work.

How to Use Gardening Astrology

Now that you understand the different moon phases, you can use gardening astrology to optimize your garden. Here are some practical tips:

Plan your gardening activities according to the moon phases, plant seeds during the new moon and harvest your vegetables during the full moon.

Use a lunar calendar to track lunar phases, many calendars are available online or at garden stores.

Use biodynamic preparations to stimulate the growth of your plants, these preparations are made from plants, minerals and cow dung, and are used to enrich the soil and promote plant growth.

Pay attention to weather conditions, the moon phases are not the only factor for the success of your garden, weather conditions can also affect plant growth.

Zodiac signs and gardening

Zodiac signs can influence gardening by providing knowledge about the qualities and traits of each astrological sign, gardeners can choose the plants that are most compatible with their astrological sign, which can help them better connect with their garden and enhance their gardening experience.

Fire signs such as Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are often recognized for their passion and boldness, which can be reflected in the plants they choose. as brilliant and flamboyant varieties.

Water signs, such as Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio, may prefer soft, soothing plants, while earth signs, such as Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn, may be attracted to utilitarian and utilitarian plants. functional.

Plan gardening according to the moon phases

Planning gardening according to lunar phases is a common practice among gardeners who follow astrology, certain lunar phases are more conducive to certain gardening activities.

Take the example of the new moon period, which is conducive to planting seeds due to the concentration of plant sap in the roots.

The full moon is considered the perfect time to harvest fruits and vegetables, as they are at their peak, the last quarter moon is the perfect time to perform maintenance tasks such as pruning, grafting and cleaning , because the plants are more resistant and regenerate more easily at this time.

By following a lunar calendar to plan your gardening activities, you can make the most of the moon’s natural cycles to optimize the growth and health of your plants.

Garden astrology is a powerful tool for gardeners wishing to optimize their gardening, using the moon phases for planting, pruning and harvesting, as well as the astrological signs to choose the plants most compatible with their personality, gardeners can create a garden that reflects their lifestyle and their connection with nature.

So why not explore this unique and exciting approach to getting the garden of your dreams? With garden astrology, the possibilities are endless.

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