Oregano is an important part of the Mediterranean diet. While it makes your recipes tasty, it also has many health benefits. It might have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

The main health benefits of oregano.

  1. Inhibits bacterial growth:

Oregano and its essential oil have been used as an antibiotic for a long time. Several studies have shown their potential as antibacterial agents against several strains of bacteria.

This property of oregano has been attributed to its main active bioactive compound, carvacrol. In one study, oil of oregano was effective in killing all bacterial strains against which it was tested in burn infections in mice. The use of oregano oil as a therapeutic agent is still being studied, and it is advised not to use it without consulting a doctor.

  1. May lower cholesterol levels:

Carvacrol has also been identified as having potential cholesterol lowering effects. Animal studies have shown that mice fed carvacrol supplements had lower fat levels, even when they ate high-fat foods.

  1. Can curb yeast infections:

Although generally harmless, yeasts can become infectious when they grow too large. Some studies have shown oregano essential oil to be effective in treating yeast infections. It controlled the formation by candida and prevented it from attaching to the surface of the skin.

  1. Improves respiratory conditions:

The most famous use of oregano is in the treatment of upper respiratory tract infections. Thanks to its antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties, oregano can be used to relieve acute bronchitis and pneumonia.

Studies done on adults with upper respiratory tract infections treated with oregano extract have shown a reduction in symptoms, including sore throat, cough or hoarseness, in just 20 minutes.

  1. Improves intestinal health:

The antimicrobial activity of oregano is useful not only as an antibiotic but also as an antiparasitic. In addition, it can strengthen the muscular wall of the intestines, thus preventing a condition of intestinal permeability known as “leaky gut”, which is characterized by the weakening of the muscular wall of the intestine, causing the escape of bacteria. in the blood. In a study carried out on pigs, the essential oil of oregano reduced the production of inflammatory substances while improving the resistance of the intestinal walls.

  1. Aid in weight loss:

Oregano may also promote weight loss due to its high carvacrol content. Animal studies performed on mice fed a high-fat diet and a carvacrol supplement showed a significant reduction in weight gain and fat levels. Carvacrol also reversed the body’s signals to decrease inflammation and shrink fat cells. Although clinical trials and human studies are lacking, oregano shows good potential for reducing obesity.

  1. Fights Inflammation:

The active compounds in oregano act as powerful anti-inflammatory agents. Inflammation in the body can lead to serious chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and stroke, allergies and even cancer. Test-tube studies have shown that oregano oil treatment reduced all markers of inflammation.

  1. Provides antioxidant effects:

Oregano also acts as a powerful antioxidant in the body, helpful in reducing the symptoms of many chronic diseases. Laboratory studies performed on extracts of various species of oregano have shown that they all have strong antioxidant activity.

  1. Can relieve pain:

Oregano has been used to relieve stomach aches, broken bone pains and toothaches. Animal studies have shown that oregano extracts reduce the sensation of pain in rats. The reduction in pain was greater at higher doses of oregano.

  1. May help fight cancer.

Several reports have evaluated the effectiveness of oregano oil in its potential role against cancer. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant potency, oregano extracts are possibly harmful to cancer cells. Several studies have been conducted on the effect of oregano on cancer cells, where oregano has shown antitumor activity.

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