Today, the practice is increasingly popular, especially with women. After all, this sport allows you to work all the muscles of the body without hurting yourself. Real gentle gymnastics, it helps to improve performance. Through the following few lines, discover the singularities of Pilates and the benefits of its practice.

Pilates: what is it exactly?

This is a training method invented by Joseph Hubertus Pilates who gave the sport its name. Aiming to strengthen the deep muscles, Pilates is a sports discipline for better physical conditioning.


Pilates is performed using devices, including pilates reformer, but it can also be practiced quite simply on the ground, on a mat. He uses proprioceptive objects, including rubber bands, springs and balloons. At first glance, it is similar to gymnastics, dance and yoga. Only, its practice requires more flexibility, yet it presents little pain. This is explained by the fact that all Pilates exercises are based on the breath.

Indeed, it is necessary to know how to breathe well to perfectly carry out the movements of Pilates. In particular, lateral thoracic breathing must be well controlled. It promotes the strengthening of the center of the body which increases its performance in different sports activities. This is why Pilates is an essential step before starting any sport.

What are the benefits of practicing Pilates?

THE benefits of Pilates are numerous, but to be able to take advantage of them, it is necessary to practice them regularly and in a methodical way. As far as frequency is concerned, several answers are possible depending on the level.

For those who are new to the subject, two sessions per week of 45 minutes to an hour are more than enough to start. Then increase the training time as you progress.

For Pilates pros, it is possible to practice every day. Indulging in this sport on a daily basis does not present any risks. On the contrary, it helps more to achieve the goals faster.

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Among the advantages of practicing Pilates, here are the main ones:

To strengthen all parts of the body.

It is necessary to emphasize that Pilates, like swimming, is a complete exercise. Practicing it means working every part of the body, from the arms to the buttocks, through the shoulders and the stomach. This kind of sport strengthens the muscles. The practitioner will not only gain strength and endurance, but also flexibility.

To fight against stress.

In addition to toning muscles, exercises Pilates also helps to relax them better. In particular, the pack pilates yoga leads to relaxation of body and mind, in which a state of deep relaxation and a feeling of well-being are felt. This combination of pilates and yoga is not only beneficial for mental state and breathing, but also helps to improve the quality of sleep. However, when you have a deep sleep, the stress systematically decreases.

To have a flat stomach and strengthen the perineum.

During pregnancy and after childbirth, a woman’s body requires special care. Pilates can really help, without any side effects. Working the muscles in depth, it allows you to find the body before. Especially the exercises flat stomach pilates as the plank and the position of the boat allow you to lose belly. Specialized perineal rehabilitation workouts strengthen perineal muscles and treat incontinence.

To relieve joint pain

Pilates is a great way to ease joint pain. This sport discipline includes exercises that aim to strengthen the stabilizing muscles of the joints or the postural muscles. These are simple, but very delicate exercises that should be done slowly and steadily. For beginners, it is better to call on a coach to avoid false movements and any major risk.

To lose weight

Losing weight is possible with sessions of Pilates. But to have a well-defined and toned silhouette, it will be necessary to associate them with cardio activities such as jogging, cycling and swimming. Also, remember to drink enough and eat a healthy, balanced diet.