Besides its culinary virtues, nutmeg is also very popular for its essential oil. This results from the steam distillation of the dried kernels of the nutmeg. The active ingredients it contains allow it to be an excellent tonic, antiparasitic and analgesic for the body.

What are the main constituents of this essential oil?

Myristica fragrans essential oil has many therapeutic qualities. They are explained by the presence of active compounds that it contains. Among its active principles, we distinguish the sabinene (20 to 30%), thealpha-pinene and the beta-pinene (15 to 30%). They are monoterpenes that have tonic, uterotonic and neurotonic properties. It also contains myristicin, nearly 10% of its composition, which provides an aphrodisiac effect.

Its benefits for physical and mental health

Traditionally, thenutmeg essential oil is used for:

  • Treat acute and chronic rheumatism,
  • Relieve aches, sprains and muscle contractures,
  • Treat digestive problems such as digestive sluggishness, diarrhea and intestinal parasites. Indeed, the monorterpenes it contains act by promoting digestion and the evacuation of intestinal gas,
  • Facilitate labor during childbirth.

It should also be noted that this essential oil is a excellent analgesic. To reduce pain, the monoterpenes it contains will inhibit the secretion of prostaglandins. This is why it is used in massage to relieve osteoarthritis painarthritis, cramps, contractures, sprains and rheumatism.

Common Dosage of Nutmeg Essential Oil

The essential oil of myristica fragrans can be used for the treatment and prevention of several diseases. Nevertheless, it is always better to speak to a therapist before using it.

Cutaneous application

In cutaneous application, nutmeg essential oil should be used in low doses. Before using it, it must be diluted in vegetable oil. Experts recommend diluting one drop in four drops of minium vegetable oil.


This essential oil is used internally to relieve canker sores. Just add a drop in water and make a mouthwash. For the inflammation of the gumsput a drop on the toothbrush and wash your teeth as usual.


Inhaled, the essential oil of nutmeg helps to fight against fatigue, but also in case of ENT infections. Add a few drops to a container of hot water to inhale the vapours. For a dry inhalation, just apply a few drops of this mixture to a handkerchief and breathe it in.

On broadcast

This essential oil is also broadcast compatible. Apart from stress, anxiety, anxiety and fatigue, it is also an effective way to fight infections. To take advantage of it, you have to choose from the three diffusion modes including diffusion by gentle heat, diffusion by ultrasound and diffusion by nebulization.

Contraindication and precautions for use of the essential oil of myristica fragrans

At high doses, themyristica fragrans essential oil has a stunning effect. It can reduce sensitivity and reaction, which is why its use should be avoided in children under 12 years of age. It should be avoided during pregnancy and lactation. This essential oil is also prohibited for people taking antidepressants.

To take advantage of its benefits, it must always be diluted. Although effective, it should not be used for prolonged periods. If necessary, a doctor’s advice should be sought. Finally, it should be remembered that it contains several allergenic biochemical components, citing only geraniol, limonene and eugenol. To prevent risks, it is best to carry out an allergy test before using it.

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