Winter is coming to an end, and it was time. Spring has always been a sign of new beginnings, which is why the New Year was celebrated in March in medieval Europe. From this ancient custom have come down to us traditions intended to welcome the renewal of nature, and to renew our energy with the arrival of spring. Rather than good resolutions, these are positive practices aimed at symbolically marking the end of a period of cold and deprivation and the arrival of a new energy that will carry you through to the following year.

Healthy energy in a healthy home

Positive energy can only be generated in a healthy setting. Traditionally, the Celts welcomed this new year by sweeping their ground to chase away negativity from their homes. Nowadays, this symbolic cleansing is very well accompanied by a physical cleansing. Here’s an opportunity to scrub floors and windows, air your bedding, wash the curtains, and do those thousand and one tasks that you keep putting off until tomorrow. It is also an opportunity to sort out and decide what will accompany you in this new year. Do you really want to keep those DVDs cluttering up your shelves that you never watch? And what about those trinkets you were given that are gathering dust on a shelf?

Update your wardrobe

An important part of this sorting process is to tackle your wardrobe. You can start packing your big sweaters, woolen tights and coats. You can tell them “see you next year”, except for those that are too damaged. Rather than dragging them out until next winter, parting with them now will free up space in your closet. Likewise, here’s the perfect opportunity to take stock of your spring outfits.

It is natural that our bodies change over time and that we cannot necessarily wear the same clothes from one year to the next. Take this opportunity to try on the outfits you still like, and part with those that no longer suit you. If you have qualms about getting rid of clothes that can still be worn, why not donate them? You will thus make the happiness of people who do not necessarily have the means to buy new outfits and you will start the year with a good deed.

It’s time to take care of yourself

Moreover, who says action also says physical activity. We often interrupt our sports activities in winter: cold and fatigue do not really motivate us to leave our homes. Now that the weather is better, it’s time to get back to good habits. If you already practiced a sport, why not get back into it gently? If not, why not give it a try? Walking or hiking are popular activities at this time of year, and it invigorates the body and mind.

Welcome the new you

With all these new practices, your energy is already skyrocketing. There’s only one last step left: welcoming the new you. It’s time to leave behind your “winter skin” to treat yourself and take care of yourself. One of the best ways to renew your energy this spring is to feel good about yourself. You can choose a treatment to give you more radiant skin, a new make-up palette, or a hair coloring that will highlight your renewed energy. It’s all about showing the world that glowing new you.

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