Created for people suffering from scars and damaged skin, Cica skincare products are miraculous heroes that save stressed skin. With their carefully formulated blend, perfect for soothing redness, inflammation and irritation, treating sensitive skin is a breeze! From acne scars to rosacea to eczema patches, their line of dermatologically tested creams contain ingredients that provide gentle relief while strengthening your overall complexion. In this article, we discuss the fantastic benefits of Cica Care, which offers you a solution to solve your skin problems!

The “cica care” trend has quickly taken hold and is becoming more and more essential thanks to a range of cica-based products such as cica-creams, serums, balms and oils. It has become important to understand the benefits of this prefix in order to get the most out of these skincare products. Skincare creams are increasingly present in pharmacies, supermarkets and other online stores.

Popular brands like Cicalfate cream from Avène or Cicaplast balm from La Roche-Posay are among the most popular products. This trend is particularly widespread in Korea, but it is also beginning to impose itself on the French dermocosmetics market. Although slightly different from each other in terms of individual properties, all cica products have one thing in common: they all help repair and nourish dry or damaged skin.

What is a cica treatment?

To decipher the origin of the name “cica”, we must go back to its history. In Asia, CICA is short for Centella Asiatica, a plant found in high concentrations in many cica-based ointments from Korea. It belongs to the Apiaceae family and thrives best in areas such as swamps or rice fields typically found in Southeast Asia. As it is considered a “magical” ingredient included in many Korean products, although it is not found in all marketed products due to its rarity. Hence the word “CICA” in French is also believed to symbolize healing, being derived from the verb “citriciser”.

Cica skincare products have unique textures that allow them to adapt to individual needs and complement any beauty routine, depending on the problem being treated. Their effectiveness is largely due to the active ingredients they contain, such as panthenol or provitamin B5, known for its hydrating, calming and healing properties, as well as enhancing the effectiveness of other key moisturizing components, such as acid hyaluronic, glycerin, thermal water, aloe vera and many more. Additionally, probiotics are commonly present in these formulas to help balance the skin’s microbiome and support its barrier function, while centella asiatica provides additional nutrition. Each ingredient works synergistically to deliver long-lasting hydration while addressing many skin concerns.

Asiatica Centella, commonly known as Tiger Grass due to an old legend that tigers rolled in it to heal their wounds after battles, is used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine and is renowned for its healing properties. It is credited with regenerative effects on cells and tissues of the skin, as well as stimulation of microcirculation which promotes the natural healing process of the skin. Additionally, Centella Asiatica is believed to have powerful anti-aging properties and can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions such as infections, itching, and a range of other inflammatory issues. This ancient herbal remedy therefore remains popular today due to its ability to naturally heal the skin while promoting vitality and youthful radiance.

Cica treatments are not only designed for sensitive skin!

People with sensitive and fragile skin are the first concerned by these treatments, but they are not the only ones who can benefit from these products. Men, whose skin is weakened by regular shaving, as well as those who have undergone chemotherapy or dialysis treatments, aesthetic and/or surgical procedures, can find relief in these treatments. Acids, retinols and other treatments used to fight wrinkles and acne can also wreak havoc on the skin, leaving it looking damaged or uncomfortable. To remedy this, products with soothing ingredients and textures will help restore lost moisture or nutrition. With the right selection of cica treatments tailored to individual needs, anyone can regain healthy skin.

How to use your cica products correctly?

It is important to use Cica products regularly for best results. Start by cleansing your skin with a gentle cleanser that won’t irritate it. Then apply the cica product directly to the affected areas of your skin. If you use a cica serum or toner as part of your skincare routine, apply it after cleansing, but before moisturizing – this allows the product to deliver its powerful antioxidant benefits without being blocked by cica. heavy creams or lotions.

It is important to note that the effects of cica products may not be immediate; rather, they act over time. So be sure to use them daily for at least two weeks before judging their effectiveness. To improve their performance, you can use a jade roller after applying the cica product to your skin; this will help disperse the ingredients into the deeper layers of your skin and improve absorption.

Be sure to protect your skin from the sun by using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher throughout the day – this will help prevent further damage from ultraviolet rays which can aggravate sensitive skin even further.

Finally, remember that everyone’s skin is different. So be patient when trying cica products: it may take time for your skin to adjust to its needs and condition. If irritation persists after several weeks of use, consult a dermatologist for professional advice on the best way to manage your skin concerns for soft, beautiful skin!

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