Ah, the smell of onions and garlic – distinctive aromas that can lend mouth-watering flavor to our favorite dishes. But why do they leave such a pungent smell at our fingertips? If you’ve ever struggled to rid your fingers of that nasty smell, you know what a challenge it can be. Luckily, there are simple ways to get rid of onion and garlic odors on your skin. In this article, we’ll show you how simple ingredients can help keep your hands fresh for hours! Stay tuned!

Why does the smell of onion and garlic stick in our fingers?

It is undeniably frustrating to smell the smell of onion and garlic on your fingertips, even if you rub them very hard! Every cook knows that while garlic and onion add deliciously pungent and savory notes to a whole range of dishes, it’s not always easy to get the residual odor under control. But why does this smell seem to linger longer than other kitchen smells? Everything is linked to their organic composition! These aromatic ingredients both contain molecules which, in contact with our skin, react and release fragrant compounds which bind to our natural oils. Trying to rub them off may not be enough, as regular soap isn’t strong enough to cut off this type of chemical reaction.

Here are some natural remedies to apply to make them disappear faster.

Mint :

Mint may not be the most obvious component to pair with onion and garlic when it comes to cooking, but believe it or not, it could play a vital role in reducing onion and garlic smells on our hands. By rubbing freshly crushed mint leaves on our fingers and hands immediately after handling pungent ingredients like onion or garlic, we can actually coat our skin with the oil from the leaves, which traps the smell. and prevents it from easily transferring to other surfaces.

This is because oil naturally adheres to our skin better than air, and by coating us with a thin layer of mint-scented oil, we create a barrier that helps ward off unpleasant odors. In some cases, you can even consider lathering up with a lotion or soap that contains peppermint extract to boost odor control.

The lemon :

Lemon juice is a valuable ally when it comes to eliminating the smell of onions and garlic on the hands. Just cut a lemon in half, squeeze the juice into your palm, then rub your fingers together. The acidity of lemons helps break down the strong smell that comes off your fingers. Lemons aren’t just a quick and convenient solution; they also come with natural antibacterial properties that help keep you healthy. Plus, this inexpensive trick can save you many hand-washing cycles, saving you time and effort. The next time you are faced with onion or garlic smells, don’t forget to grab a lemon!

Salt :

Salt is a handy solution for sticking the smell of onion and garlic to our fingers, as its ionic qualities help pull the smell from the surface of the skin. Additionally, the salt prevents the pungent smell from being released into the air when the fingers are rubbed together. To make sure the smell doesn’t stay, simply rub your fingers with salt after dicing raw onions or dicing garlic. With this simple measure, you won’t have to worry about the smell once you’ve put away the ingredients for your cooking preparation.

Thyme :

A simple way to reduce this phenomenon is to rub fresh thyme between your palms. The essential oils in the herb will help absorb the odor from your hands, making it much less noticeable. This method has been used for centuries, even with other pungent herbs like rosemary and oregano. It’s an easy trick that gets rid of unwanted odors fast!

Ginger :

Ginger is an effective way to reduce odor from our hands after cooking, as its powerful aroma can neutralize other odors and linger on our skin for some time. To use this method, simply grate about a teaspoon of ginger onto a cutting board or plate and lightly rub your fingers over it for a few moments before washing off. This technique not only quickly and effectively eliminates odors from our hands, but it also leaves them with a pleasant smell of ginger!

NB: Don’t forget that these same 5 ingredients can also eliminate the smell of fish lingering on the hands.

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