When it comes to sleep, each individual is different in terms of taste and specific rest needs. Positions and accessories to improve sleep therefore vary from person to person. The most recommended sleeping position is on the left side, as it helps keep the spine aligned and in a neutral position. But what is best for sleeping? With or without a pillow?

The answer to this question largely depends on how the body is used to sleeping, so whether resting the head with a pillow or without a pillow changes depending on the individual’s condition. Specialists advise sleeping without a pillow to relax the muscles in case of cervical problems, because some people find a neutral position between the lumbar spine and the pelvis with the help of pillows of different sizes.

Despite the above, sleeping without a pillow is only recommended when you have a mattress that fits your body perfectly and no additional elevation is needed. Some people think it’s good to sleep without a pillow when the medium or medium-high firmness of a bed is enough for a good night’s sleep, but when should you sleep without a pillow and when should you add a pillow in bed?

Benefits of sleeping without a pillow

The main purpose of a good pillow is to give the correct position to the spine to avoid neck, shoulder or back pain in the morning, so what are the benefits for the body when sleeping without a pillow the night ?

Benefits of sleeping without a pillow

For people with a slim build, it is better to sleep without a pillow, which is a good option to avoid back pain.
The use of additional support under the neck sometimes results in a curvature of the spine, preventing muscle relaxation during the night. It is therefore advisable to sleep without a pillow to avoid tendinitis and other cervical injuries.
Also, people with broad backs, who usually sleep on their backs and have medium-firm or soft mattresses, can adjust to the level without needing to add an extra pillow.

When sleeping with or without a pillow on a flat surface, such as a mattress, there is no general posture. Depending on the natural curve of your neck, you can answer whether it is good to sleep with or without a pillow.

On the other hand, those who use one say that sleeping with a pillow is a great help in adopting comfortable sleeping positions without having to worry about damaging your back.

If you use a pillow it is best to sleep with a high or low pillow in case of neck tension. By choosing one or the other, you give your joints and muscles complete rest.
When sleeping on your stomach, it is advisable to sleep on a special pillow to relieve tension in your back, shoulders and arms. Sleeping with a pillow on your back in a neutral position minimizes pressure on the spine and improves breathing during the night.

We can conclude that it is bad to sleep with a pillow when the person finds it uncomfortable to fall asleep or in case of muscle disorders upon waking.

To get good rest and proper alignment of the neck, back and spine, it is sometimes good and necessary to sleep with a special pillow to alleviate discomfort

And you, do you prefer to rest with or without a pillow?

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