Have you ever wondered why your body is stiff, lethargic or heavy? Or maybe why it’s hard for you to find the motivation to move throughout the day? There is a practice that can be done at home, in minutes a day, but could make all the difference when it comes to restoring balance and increasing energy. This is “tapping” or therapeutic tapping of the armpits.

In today’s article, we explain what this healing modality is and its many benefits so that you have an effective tool to take care of yourself on a daily basis!

A new technique with amazing benefits.

Tapping your armpit and rib cage 49 times a day could be a great way to naturally detoxify and cleanse your liver. According to traditional Chinese medicine, this method of tapping or “acupressure” helps stimulate the lymphatic system, which aids the detoxification process. This form of acupressure is believed to clear blockages and other stagnations in the body’s internal energy pathways, which can help reduce inflammation and congestion in certain areas like the liver. Additionally, when practiced daily, this technique can help support overall liver health and improve overall well-being.

How it works ?

The technique itself is quite simple: place two fingers together on either side of your rib cage, at a 45 degree angle to your skin, and tap firmly but gently on each rib. Do this for a total of 49 taps per day – one tap on each side for one breath cycle counting inhale and exhale. After completing the sequence, take a few moments of rest before repeating it up to three times a day. This practice is said to be beneficial for people who suffer from fatigue, exhaustion, joint pain, poor circulation or even digestive problems.

Acupressure has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine as an effective way to promote physical healing and balance energy in the body. It is believed that stimulating specific pressure points on our body can reduce stagnation in various channels, which can then help improve our overall health and well-being. This particular technique can be beneficial for those looking for natural ways to detoxify their liver without having to resort to drugs or supplements, which makes it a very worthwhile practice!

Therapeutic armpit tapping has other benefits.

This technique restores the balance between our sympathetic nervous system (our fight or flight mode) and our parasympathetic nervous system (our mode of rest and digestion). Which brings with it a whole list of benefits aside from liver detoxification.

Increased mental clarity.

Therapeutic armpit tapping is a simple yet effective way to improve mental clarity and focus. This technique uses the nerve endings in your armpits to stimulate the brain, which helps improve cognitive functions. By tapping your armpits with your fingertips, you can activate pressure points that target the nervous system, allowing better flow of energy throughout the body and, therefore, better focus and mental clarity.

Progression of physical vitality:

Scientifically speaking, therapeutic armpit tapping works by stimulating pressure points that are connected to organs related to physical vitality. This can lead to improved physical performance and muscle strength, as well as higher energy levels in general. Some practitioners have seen results in their clients after just one session – more vigor, better posture, better muscle tone and better coordination. Although the science is not yet complete on this subject, many people swear that this powerful practice makes a big difference in their lives!

Improved emotional well-being.

In addition to involving physical stimulation, this method also helps release stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline which can interfere with our ability to think clearly. In addition, it triggers the release of endorphins by the pituitary gland. Which helps reduce anxiety levels and boost feelings of well-being, allowing us to feel more relaxed and focus more easily on the tasks at hand. Additionally, tapping helps release stagnant energy in our body, which often clouds our perception and makes it difficult to focus on mental tasks.

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