In our quest for a healthy and balanced life, physical activity plays a key role, it is common to make mistakes that can affect the effectiveness of our exercises and, in some cases, lead to injuries.

By being aware of these pitfalls and avoiding them, you will ensure that you follow a safe and effective exercise program to achieve your fitness goals.

Not warming up properly

Warming up is crucial in preparing the body for physical exertion, it helps to raise body temperature and stimulate blood circulation, which improves performance and reduces the risk of injury and muscle soreness, when muscles are cold, they are less elastic and more prone to tearing and tension.

Take the time to warm up properly before every training session, it may seem tedious but it can make a big difference to your performance and long term health, a good warm up can also help you mentally focus on your training to come and put yourself in the right mindset to achieve your goals.

Not hydrating enough

Hydration is an essential element for optimal physical activity. Many experts recommend drinking water before, during and after exercise to maintain adequate levels of hydration, not drinking enough water can lead to dehydration, which can manifest as symptoms such as thirst , fatigue, headaches and a decline in physical performance.

Water isn’t the only beverage that can help maintain proper hydration during exercise, sports drinks containing electrolytes and carbohydrates can also be helpful in maintaining fluid balance and providing energy. energy during exercise.

Maintaining a good level of hydration during exercise to avoid dehydration and maximize physical performance, drinking water and other sports drinks can help achieve this goal.

Do not vary the workouts

It is true that constantly doing the same physical activity can lead to stagnation, both physical and mental, this can lead to loss of interest in exercise and ultimately to boredom, which is why it is important to vary workouts regularly, incorporating different types of movement and exploring new activities.

This way, not only will you avoid boredom, but you will also work different muscle groups and stimulate your body in a more complete way, you could try activities like dance, yoga or even rock climbing to add variety to your workout routine.

Not getting enough rest

Rest is just as important as physical activity, not allowing enough recovery time can lead to excessive fatigue and injury, it is recommended to take at least one rest day per week and alternate intense physical activities and light.

Not having a balanced diet

For ideal physical activity, it is crucial to adopt a balanced diet, poor nutrition before exercise can cause a decrease in performance and energy, it is advisable to consume foods rich in protein and carbohydrates before effort, then to rehydrate with a recovery drink afterwards.

Not doing enough stretching

Stretching is essential to prevent injury and increase muscle flexibility, lack of stretching can cause muscle soreness and injury, stretch before and after each exercise session for best results.

Not using the correct posture

Bad posture can lead to injuries and muscle pain, it is important to use the correct posture for each physical activity, if you are unsure of the correct posture, do not hesitate to seek advice from a professional health.

Not using safety equipment

To avoid injuries, it is crucial to use the correct safety equipment, failure to use the correct safety equipment for each physical activity can lead to serious injuries, so it is essential to wear equipment such as a helmet, shin guards or other necessary safety equipment.

Not having a clear goal

Having a clear goal is essential for effective physical activity, not having a clear goal can lead to loss of motivation and interest.

Not listening to your body

Listening to your body is crucial to avoid injury and excessive fatigue, not listening to your body’s signals can lead to injury and decreased physical performance.

Not having a workout plan

Having a workout plan is essential for effective physical activity, not having a plan can result in wasted time and energy.

Not having medical follow-up

Medical monitoring is essential for safe and effective physical activity, failure to have regular medical monitoring can lead to serious injuries or undetected health problems, see a doctor or healthcare professional regularly to assess physical condition and prevent health problems.

By avoiding these 12 mistakes, you will be able to practice an effective and beneficial physical activity for your health, remember that regular physical activity is essential for a healthy and balanced life.

* criptom strives to transmit health knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE, the information given can not replace the opinion of a health professional.