We try to chase them away in every way possible because when they come into the room and they won’t let you sleep, you can lie awake all night due to their dreaded buzzing and stinging. I’m talking about mosquitoes, those enemies of man by nature that leave us with such annoying bites. But they are not only annoying inside houses, if you have a terrace, a garden or a balcony and you like to enjoy them, you will also know what it means to have annoying mosquitoes near your home.

Inside your house you can put commercial mosquito repellents to keep them away and not bother you, but what happens when you are outside? You have to think about other methods, even if you don’t want to use chemicals in your home or repellents on yourself, you can opt for other more natural options. Add anti-mosquito plants in your garden which will have the function of keeping them away.

Here are the best mosquito repellent plants.


Who doesn’t know lavender, its characteristic color and shape? Well, mosquitoes know that too and they don’t like the smell of it at all. Considering how beautiful this plant is and how fragrant it is, it’s a great option to put in your home to keep mosquitoes away!


Basil is a plant that gives off aromas without its leaves needing to be crushed. The best basils for mosquitoes are lemon basil and cinnamon basil. If you are outside you can take the basil leaves and rub them on your skin to create a natural repellent, however if you are inside your house with the windows or doors open, I advise you to put one of the basil pots anywhere you think mosquitoes might get in.
In addition, basil gives off an aroma that helps relieve mental fatigue, so if you want to stay with the window open, do not hesitate to put basil in your office for work too!


Lemongrass is a powerful natural repellent because it gives off a scent with a lemony touch that mosquitoes don’t like at all. Flies don’t like it either, so this plant will also be recommended to repel them. It gives off such a strong smell that it is difficult for mosquitoes to pick up our scent to attack us, so we are “camouflaged”.


Another plant that is ideal for repelling mosquitoes is catnip, which is also useful for scaring away cockroaches. It is also known as feline mint, feline mint or feline basil, although in addition to being famous for its mosquito repellent properties, this plant is known for the effect it has on cats, which are very attracted to her.


Another super effective plant for repelling mosquitoes is calendula, which is able to avoid various garden pests.

lemon geranium

Its small star-shaped leaves give off a pleasant lemon scent which repels flies and mosquitoes. This outdoor plant does not require too much watering and, in addition, it supports the effects of the sun quite well.

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