The 3-3-3 workout program is making waves among Hollywood’s elite looking to get fit and tone. From celebrities to fitness enthusiasts, this innovative program is rapidly gaining popularity around the world and far surpasses the “one size fits all” approach to traditional workouts. But what makes the 3-3-3 program so effective? In this article, we explore the history of its development and look at how it works to help you decide if it’s worth a try.

Transform your silhouette: discover the secret of the 3-3-3 method of Chase Weber, sports coach of Hollywood stars!

The 3-3-3 method from Chase Weber, famous sports coach to Hollywood stars, is an innovative and challenging fitness workout that promises to work most muscle groups in just 45 minutes. This approach is characterized by the realization of three series of three circuits composed of three exercises each. Although it may seem simple in appearance, this type of training requires great intensity and requires endurance, strength and coordination.

The very principle of 3-3-3 training lies in the diversity of the exercises offered, thus making it possible to develop a global and harmonious physical condition. The sessions are structured in such a way as to alternate cardiovascular exercises, those requiring substantial muscular effort, and postural strengthening movements. This holistic approach to fitness guarantees a balanced and complete workout, promoting rapid progress and visible results.

Method 3-3-3: Is it for everyone?

Due to its demanding nature, this method is primarily designed for advanced athletes and athletes looking for an extra challenge. For those who want to increase their level of fitness without compromising their well-being, it is possible to adapt this program by reducing the intensity or the frequency of the circuits. For example, one can start with a 3-3-1 workout, then progress to 3-3-2 before finally achieving the performance required to fully indulge in the 3-3-3 method.

It should be stressed, however, that Chase Weber’s 3-3-3 method is not suitable for everyone, especially beginners who must first develop a solid base of endurance and muscular strength before embarking on such intense and complex sessions. . In this context, it is therefore recommended that you consult a health or fitness professional to assess your physical condition and determine the best approach to take to achieve your goals in a safe and effective manner.

Method 3-3-3: How does it work?

Before starting this training, it is crucial to carry out a thorough dynamic warm-up to prepare the muscles and the whole body for the effort to come. This helps prevent injuries and ensures optimal performance when performing the exercises. It is important to note that the warm-up time is not part of the total training time of 45 minutes. After the warm-up, here are the key steps of the 3-3-3 workout:

1er Circuit to be repeated 3 times:

  • 20 squats: This exercise mainly works the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings and calves.
  • 8 knee-raising rear lunges (each side): This exercise strengthens the legs, glutes and core, while improving coordination and balance.
  • 8 jump squats with half turns: This exercise adds increased intensity, strengthening the legs and improving power and agility.

2ᵉ Circuit to be repeated 3 times:

  • 12 push-ups: This classic exercise engages your upper body muscles, including your pecs, triceps, shoulders, and abs.
  • 8 Three-Legged Dogs (Yoga Position) (each side): This exercise improves core strength, balance and coordination, while stretching the muscles of the shoulder, back and legs.
  • 8 alternating vertical leg crunches (each side): This exercise mainly targets the abdominal and oblique muscles for core strengthening.

3ᵉ Circuit to be repeated 3 times:

  • 8 side lunges with raised hands (each side): This exercise engages the glutes, quadriceps and adductors, while improving mobility and lower body strength.
  • 8 dips (with a chair or bench): This exercise primarily works the triceps, pectorals and deltoids, thus strengthening the upper body.
  • 8 reverse crunches: This exercise specifically targets the lower abs for full core strengthening and better overall balance.

By repeating each circuit three times, the 3-3-3 workout offers a comprehensive approach to strength training, targeting a variety of muscle groups and improving strength, endurance, mobility and balance. Be sure to maintain good technique and smooth breathing throughout each exercise, and take brief breaks between each circuit to optimize results and reduce risk of injury.

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