A healthy and ecological accessory that allows you to vary the flavors of the water… What is an infusion bottle and why use it?

It’s hard to be satisfied with the taste of plain water when sugary and industrialized drinks are present everywhere. The solution to hydrate well on a daily basis without depriving yourself of flavours? An infusion bottle to quench your thirst in a healthy way and without polluting with naturally flavored drinks, detox waters with antioxidant properties but also hot infusions or iced teas…

What is an infusion bottle?

It is a container composed of a part to be filled with water like a classic bottle and a removable filter that will be able to accommodate tea, plants or fresh fruit according to the tastes and desires of the moment. This compartment, also called the infusion chamber, is held in place by a simple fastening system on the bottle cap.

The central infuser features a fine mesh designed to release flavors as well as vitamins and minerals while retaining small pieces of fruit and leaves. The infusion bottle will then make it possible to “re-enchant water” with ease.

It is indeed very easy and quick to prepare a perfectly healthy and refreshing flavored drink. Just cut a few pieces of fruit, slip them into the removable filter and then screw on the cap. The infuser basket is inserted into the gourd filled with water and the flavors only have to spread for 30 minutes, several hours or a whole day…

Perfectly hermetic, bottles with fruit infuser allow use at home or on the go to promote good hydration in all circumstances. The formats can vary from 260 ml to 1 liter to adapt to all needs. Different materials are also available. However, only stainless steel can keep drinks hot or cold.

Healthy, ecological, economical… Infuser bottles offer many advantages

To meet the daily hydration needs of the body, it is advisable to drink about 1.5 liters of water. But from exposure to overly sugary drinks, sodas, and artificial sweeteners, plain water seems to taste quite bland. Thanks to the infusion bottles it is a pleasure to drink without the guilt of mistreating your body.

Fruit infused water is tasty while remaining low in calories. But it also contains valuable nutrients, instead of the plastic nanoparticles that migrate into drinks during prolonged contact with disposable containers. The infusion bottle is durable and reusable, reducing waste and pollution. It therefore represents a healthy and ecological alternative to aluminum cans and other single-use plastic containers.

But that’s not all ! Using a nomadic water bottle every day to take your hot infusion or fruity water to the office saves money, because tap water is on average 100 to 300 times cheaper than bottled water.

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