What makes a genius a genius? Everyone has an ideal image of what a genius would look like and the characteristics of successful people. This image typically shows a focused person, someone with above average creativity, photographic memory, an eloquent communicator, never swearing, a neat person, and much more.

However, it’s safe to say that these are more or less stereotypes, as most geniuses are actually messy. Surprisingly (or not), research shows that smart people stay up late and are fluent in the language of swear words.

Messy people are smarter:

When you were a child, your parents constantly pestered you to clean your room. Sometimes when they threatened to punish you, you put it away. Nevertheless, most of the time, you left it messy.

Scientists have found that this is a sign that you probably have a higher IQ than the average person. We are not joking. This claim is supported by the findings of scientists from the University of Minnesota. It turns out, much to your mother’s disappointment, that a messy desk is a sign of a bright mind.

So if you don’t have a messy desk, the next time your colleagues or employees ask you how do you find your way? just tell them messy people are smarter.

Even though things seem scattered everywhere, you know where everything is and find it in a snap. It’s just that clutter and smarts go hand in hand. It seems that you subconsciously leave things in a mess because, in a way, it stimulates your creativity. Therefore, we all know that creativity is a common trait of geniuses.

The University of Minnesota study goes on to claim that geniuses leave their desks messy because they invest the time needed to clean and organize the most important things. For example, instead of spending an hour cleaning up the clutter, they spend it doing market research that will later prove crucial to their business.

High IQ people are late risers:

You may have heard that entrepreneurs and successful people, in general, go to bed early and wake up at 5 a.m., but those are just adult fairy tales. A study has just denied this assertion.

When the sky darkens, all your obligations are done for the day, you lie down on your bed, your body begins to relax and your mind follows. In fact, that’s when the most breakthrough ideas come to you, and it’s also why sleep is one of the many things successful people sacrifice to achieve greatness. Indeed, during working hours, your mind is too busy processing various information. The latest revenue report, an employee’s letter of resignation, a forecast for the next quarter – it all weighs heavily on your brain…

If you’re a night owl, you’re in good company: Barack Obama, Elvis Presley, Winston Churchill and Charles Darwin spent sleepless nights thinking. And look where they got to.

The more we swear, the smarter we are:

People who swear a lot are often thought to be at the bottom of the IQ scale. However, it is not the case. Smart people are not only messy, but they also swear a lot.

There are two points regarding the use of profanity and intelligence. The first indicates that if you don’t know swear words, you limit your vocabulary. The second is that when smart people use swear words, they let out negative energy and it helps them refocus.

Conclusion :

Smart people tend to be messy because they are more impulsive. They like to improvise, but at the same time they are very creative in their solutions. Another fact is that smart people care less about certain things, like keeping the bed and the bathroom tidy. As well as they swear a lot, because they have a better vocabulary and they like to enrich their speech with colorful words.

By thinking positively and working to become smarter, you will eventually achieve your goals and change the way you see the world around you. Nobody likes a messy person, so make sure to clean up after yourself once in a while.

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