Everyone loves a nice cold beer or a glass of wine, but unfortunately these drinks contain unwanted calories and fat. This article aims to let you know the 5 alcoholic drinks that are the least fattening. You won’t have to feel guilty for indulging in your favorite drinks anymore, but you can enjoy them knowing they won’t put on too many extra pounds! Read on to learn more about these low-calorie alcoholic beverages that are perfect for any occasion.

  1. Champagne :

For those looking to indulge without binging, champagne is the perfect answer. It is one of the lowest calorie alcoholic drinks there is. It contains 84 calories per 15cl and it offers a lot of pleasure in a small glass, without leaving you feeling bloated or guilty at the end of the evening. The effervescence of bubbles has become practically synonymous with celebration, and will add a touch of luxury to any get-together. Whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner party or attending a lavish soiree, toast to delicious flavor and well-controlled indulgence by pouring each guest a generous flute of fine Champagne.

  1. The dry wine:

Dry wine is an excellent libation choice for those looking to reduce their caloric intake. Most dry wines contain only 85 to 100 calories per glass, while other alcoholic beverages can contain significantly more (for comparison, an average light beer contains 103 calories). Moreover, the health benefits of a glass of red or white wine far exceed its caloric content; studies suggest that moderate consumption of dry wines can protect against heart disease and lower LDL cholesterol levels! So, for those watching their figure, dry wine can be a great option for enjoying social life without the added guilt.

  1. The crémant:

If you’re watching your calorie intake but still want to enjoy a relaxed evening drink, Crémant is the perfect choice. This low-calorie sparkling wine is widely available and extremely enjoyable. Unlike many other popular alcoholic beverages, Crémant contains 87 calories per glass while still tasting delicious. Plus, since it’s usually consumed in smaller glasses than other drinks, it’s easier to moderate your intake and keep an eye on your calorie count! So, if you’re looking for a satisfying, lower-calorie adult beverage, Crémant should definitely be at the top of your list.

  1. Raw cider:

Cider is becoming an increasingly popular alcoholic beverage for those who want a drink without the calories. Not only is it low in calories thanks to its light combination of apples and carbonation, it also has a naturally sweet taste that makes it refreshing and enjoyable to sip. It should be noted that a glass of cider could have only 50 calories. Additionally, cider can be enjoyed with many different food options, especially during barbecue season. The subtle acidity pairs well with grilled meats or even desserts like ice cream or a piece of cake. Whether you’re looking for light evening refreshment or an alternative to beer at your next summer gathering, consider trying the cider – you won’t be disappointed!

  1. The sangria:

With summer parties in full swing, finding a way to cut your calorie intake while enjoying a festive drink is possible. Sangria is one of the tastiest and most satisfying low-calorie alcoholic beverages available. Sangria conjures up visions of beach vacations and quiet get-togethers with friends; it’s a refreshing drink that can be mixed to suit your taste buds perfectly. At only around 80 calories per drink, compared to other cocktails, sangria tops them all by being low in calories without sacrificing its signature flavor. Enjoy up to two glasses each evening and see how much better you feel after experiencing the intoxicating taste of sangria!

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