Whether it’s wrinkles or dark circles, it’s essential that your eye makeup after 40 keeps pace with the changes in your face. Hopefully, one of three things has happened during this pivotal period: you are adopting certain traits of your aging or trying new products and techniques to enhance them; you know exactly what works for you; or you fall into the beauty routine. No matter what stage you’re at, here are eight common mistakes to avoid if you want to look more rejuvenated naturally!

Mistake #1: Applying too much foundation.

Foundation can be a useful tool to even out skin tone and create a smooth complexion. However, applying too much foundation can have the opposite effect and end up accentuating fine lines and wrinkles, making them more apparent than before. Instead, opt for lighter coverage with a tinted moisturizer or BB cream if you want to go above and beyond your skincare routine.

Mistake #2: Using powder blush.

Powder blush can add color and dimension to your face, but it often has an overly chalky finish that sits on the skin instead of blending in like a cream blush would. As we age, skin loses collagen, which means powdered products don’t adhere as well. Try switching to cream blush instead!

Mistake #3: You darken the eyebrows too much.

Filling in sparse brows is great, but try not to overdo it with dark pencils or powders that will make them look too harsh for your skin tone and age. Use softer shades close to your natural shade or consider using clear gels to define brows without adding extra pigment or color.

Mistake #4: Not using primer.

The primer creates a smooth base for the eye shadows that you will apply next. However, as we age, our eyes tend to produce less oil, so it’s essential to use a primer even if you don’t think you need it! A primer also helps prevent eye makeup from fading or smearing throughout the day.

Mistake #5: Not setting concealer properly.

Concealer is essential for hiding dark circles, hyperpigmentation, redness and other discolorations, but don’t forget to blend it out properly! It’s best to not only blend it out with a brush, but also set it with powder so it doesn’t move across the face during the day – no one wants panda eyes !

Mistake #6: Wearing iridescent shadows on your eyes.

Shimmering iridescent eye shadows can be appealing when you’re young, but they can become problematic when you get older, as they tend to accentuate fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, making them look bigger than they are! Instead, opt for matte textures that will give the eyes subtle definition instead of drawing unnecessary attention there.

Mistake #7: Applying mascara to lower lashes.

Mascara on the lower lashes can pull the eyes down, making us look tired – an effect no one wants after 40! To create contrast in lash length, alternate mascaras between upper and lower lashes rather than applying a thick layer all over – this will help brighten our gaze while maintaining a delicate balance around our eyes.

Mistake #8: Putting black pencil on the mucosa.

As for eye makeup after 40, it is better not to use black pencils on your mucous membrane. Although they can give you a dramatic and intense look, they can make your eyes look smaller and also cause sagging skin. Instead, opt for lighter colors like light blues, grays and browns that allow you to create depth while looking natural. So you’ll always look fresh and full of energy, instead of looking tired or aged. Make sure to only line the upper lash line with a pencil or other soft shading technique, avoiding over defining the inner corners and the lower lash line. You will be amazed at how this small change can do wonders for framing your eyes!

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